woensdag 20 augustus 2014

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

My 14th new additions post for 2014. My own birthday present has arrived from Bookdepository. I do look forward to re-reading the Frost series, and finally reading the last one.

From Bookdepository:
Jennifer Estep - Crimson Frost
Jennifer Estep – Kiss of Frost
Jennifer Estep – Touch of Frost
Jennifer Estep – Killer Frost
Jennifer Estep – Midnight Frost
Ellery Adams – Murder in the Mystery Suite
Emma Jane Holloway – A study in Ashes
Emma Jane Holloway – A study in Ashes
Emma Jane Holloway – A study in Ashes
Christine Feehan – Dark Predator

Books bought at the bookfair:
Robin Hobb / Megan Lindholm – The inheritance
Cassie Miles – Rocky Mountain Maneuvers (it was the only Harlequin there)
Rowena Cory Daniels – Besieged
Dean Wesley Smith – All Eve’s Hallows
Shiloh Walker – The Missing
Nancy Warren – Bad Boys Down Under
Abigail Reynolds – Impulse & Initiative ( I blame Blodeuedd again for this P&P variation)
Mary Janice Davicdos – Undead and Uneasy
Erma Bombeck – A marriage made in heaven or too tired for an affair
Jackie Collins – Goddess of Vengeance

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maandag 18 augustus 2014

Molly Harper – Nice girls don’t have fangs

The first book in the Jane Jameson series, published March 31, 2009.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: hmm

Nice Girls don't have fangs photo n295217_zps0721a323.jpg

Unemployment sucks.
Maybe it was the Shenanigans gift certificate that put her over the edge. When children’s librarian and self professed nice girl Jan Jameson is fired by her beastly boss and handed twenty-five dollars in potato skins instead of a severance check, she goes on a bender that’s sure to become Half Moon Hollow legend. On her way home, she’s mistaken for a deer, shot, and left for dead. And thanks to the mysterious stranger she met while chugging neon-colored cocktails, she wakes up with a decidedly unladylike thirst for blood.
Jane is now the latest recipient of a gift basket from the Newly Undead Welcoming Comittee, and her life-after-lifestyle is taking some getting used to. Her recently deceased favourite aunt is now her ghostly roommate. She has to fake breathing and enduring daytime hours to avoid coming out of the coffin to her family. She’s forced to forgo her favourite down home Southern cooking for bags of O negative. Her relationship with her sexy, mercurial vampire sire keeps running hot and cold. And if all that wasn’t enough, it looks like someone in Half Moon Hollow is trying to frame her for a series of vampire murders. What's a nice undead girl to do?

After discovering Molly Harper’s writing style earlier this year when I read “And one last thing” I was very happy when Blodeuedd offered me this book for sale. I enjoyed this book, but I did not like Jane as much as I liked the other heroine.

It was fun to discover with Jane how to be a vampire, where to shop, how to fight, and how to survive. I liked that she has a male best friend, who still wants to be that friend even though she is now a vampire. And although vampires are known to the world, they are not really welcome in human society. Jane is afraid to tell her parents the truth. Especially her horrible mother. Or her sister. Or her grandmother. Her mother is still envious that Jane inherited her aunt’s mansion, instead of her, and she has been pestering Jane all this time that it is not suitable for her to live there, and that she should open it up for tours by the Historical Society in town. Whenever Jane leaves them unattended when they show up at her door, precious pieces of silverware or other things disappear. Her aunt left it all to Jane, and they are not happy with that.

Being turned into a vampire, Jane can now see and talk with her beloved aunt again, as she is still around as a ghost. Protecting Jane, and chasing away unwanted visitors (like her family).

And then there is her sire, the gorgeous Gabriel. He is fascinated with Jane and how her mind works. As a librarian she is filled with trivial knowledge, although Gabriel has lived it himself. Jane fights the attraction between them at first, but after some horrible events, she is glad for his help and support, and attention. Not to mention his skills in the bedroom. Her previous encounters left her cold and not all that eager to try again. Becoming a part of vampire society is not as easy though. Someone is spreading nasty rumours about her, and is framing her for murder. Luckily, the Council believes her so far, but she has to stay under the radar in the near future ... And then someone else, or the same person, is playing nasty pranks on her, even trying to kill her beloved dog by poisoning his water ...

Jane really misses her work at the library, and when she discovers an occult bookshop in the part of town her mother always warned her to stay away from, she is very happy. More books to read and to do research in how to be a vampire. So when the owner hires her to reorganize his shop, she is so happy. A girl needs a paycheck to pay for her mortgage and artificial blood after all.

I did like the book and the story, and Jane grew on my a lot. Still, I am not really in a hurry to read the rest of the series. I think because her relationship with Gabriel bothered me.

7 stars.

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zaterdag 16 augustus 2014

Recommendations from Peggy for August 2014.

In order to bring some more variety to my blog, I have asked some of my bookish friends to tell about the books they have in the past month, and to give us a recommendation. Today’s post is made by Peggy from Belgium.


I have read 5 novella’s and 7 novels in the past month, and the 3 books I enjoyed the most are:

1. Must love fangs – Jessica Sims

 photo n416718_zps6f96db4a.jpg

2. Sweet Renegade – Andria Large

 photo w532474_zps6826986c.jpg

3. Wild Renegade – Andria Large

 photo w540693_zps0333fb09.jpg

The one I can recommend to all Aurian’s readers is:

Jessica Sims – Must love fangs

 photo n416718_zps39857f81.jpg

The third book in the "funny, sexy, and lively" (Publishers Weekly) romance series about a paranormal dating service called Midnight Liaisons.

My goal for this summer was to read a lot of books and… so far so good!!
I discovered a few novella’s from Jessica Sims that I didn’t know about (how this got happen, I still don’t understand!) and I discovered a new writer whose series I really love. So I’m having a great summer (even when the weather isn’t good here).

‘Must love fangs’ is the third (novel) book in the Midnight Liaisons series. (There are a few novella’s in between, so I discovered.) I really love this series. The series is about a paranormal dating agency called Midnight Liaisons.

This story is about Marie Bellavance (a human) who works for this special dating agency. She’s one of the few humans who knows about the existence of the supernatural creatures. But she has a secret of her own. She’s dying. She has the same incurable disease her mother died from. Marie knows she hasn’t much time left but there’s maybe a chance to survive it. Her plan? To find someone who can turn her into a supernatural creature! That will save her.

Only problem, the alpha’s of the shapeshifters have just forbidden the shapeshifters to turn humans into one. So the only option left for Marie is to find a vampire to turn her.
So now she’s on the hunt of finding a vampire who will turn her into one and she’s using the agency to find one.

Were-cougar Joshua Russell has had an eye for Marie for a very long time but she has always kept her distance and because she’s a human, she also off limits. But when he finds out she wants to date vampires, he propose her to help her with this. Seeing as he’s a vampire bodyguard he’s the perfect ‘man’ to help her find a vampire. And it’s also the perfect excuse for Joshua to spend a lot of time with Marie, so he can seduce her to date him instead of a vampire. But then he finds out the real reason for her searching for a vampire. And this places him for a dilemma, because how can he stop her? What do you do, when the woman that you love is dying and the only way to save her, is to help her find a vampire to turn her into one and by doing this you lose her forever or you turn her yourself into a were-cougar but then you lose the family that you love. How do you choose?

Like I said before, I really love Jessica Sims books and this was no exception. You have sexy were-cougars, a human woman with a lot of sass, funny situations and a love story. What more do you need? In this book we read a bit more about the vampires and how a human woman gets turned into….a supernatural (I won’t tell which).

Before ending this review, I just want to say that I also really loved ‘The Regenade series’ from Andria Large (a new writer for me). I think these books are perfect if you’re searching for a (short,) sweet, emotional story to read. Although emotional they weren’t too ‘heavy’ to read. Just a great love story.

I’m off…diving in my big pile of books to read (and find) some more great books. I hope you all are having a great summer too.

Aurian: Thanks for the recommendation Peggy! I really do want to read this series, it sounds like fun! Happy reading!

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zondag 10 augustus 2014

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

My 13th new additions post for 2014.

From Bookdepository:
Susannah Sandlin – Allegiance
Suzanne Enoch – Rogue with a brogue
Jean Johnson – Hardship
C.L. Wilson – The Winter King
Stephanie Laurens – Loving Rose
Jennifer Estep - Dark Frost (I ordered the whole series as my own birthday present)

A birthday present from Maia:
Jayne Ann Krentz – Wildest Dreams
Jayne Ann Krentz – Reckless Nights
Jayne Ann Krentz – Ruthless Love

A birthday present from Sullivan McPic:
Robin Kaye - Back to you (more is on its way)

Traded with Sullivan McPig:
Nancy A. Collins – Left Hand Magic
Nancy A. Collins – Right Hand Magic
Nancy A. Collins – Magic and Loss
Jim C. Hines – The Mermaid’s madness
Richelle Mead – Succubus Blues
Richelle Mead – Succubus Shadows
Carolyn MacCullough – Once a Witch
Sarah Rees Brennan – The Demon’s Lexicon
Rachel Hartman – Seraphina
And a lovely collection of swag! Thank you Sullivan!

Books I have won:
Won at RR@H Novel Thoughts & Book Talk blog as RAK of the month:
Tessa Dare – A week to be wicked
Thanks ladies!

A gift from Patricia Briggs and her assistant Ann:
A beautiful t-shirt from Uncle Mike’s bar, in dark green, and it fits! I am going to treasure this and only wear it to bookish events.

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zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

Recommendations from Maia for August 2014.

My apologies to Maia and you all for posting this so late, instead of on the normal date.

In order to bring some more variety to my blog, I have asked some of my bookish friends to tell about the books they have in the past month, and to give us a recommendation. Today’s post is made by Maia from Holland.


Last month I’ve read five novella’s and three novels. The short stories are the four Masters of Seduction novella’s and one from Thea Harrison (Pia Saves the day).

The novels are the three books in the Inn Boonsboro series by Nora Roberts.

The next always

 photo n379149_zps39d6eb24.jpg

The last boyfriend

 photo n390911_zpsd4d0b65d.jpg

The perfect hope

 photo n396270_zps7ded81d0.jpg

Aurian’s reviews really made me want to read them. So I read them, back to back. That’s why I’m reviewing the whole series.

These books revolve around a building the Montgomery brothers, Beckett, Owen and Ryder and their mother own, renovate and turn into a B&B. The Inn Boonsboro is an old building that has had many functions, but started as an inn and now the Montgomery brothers are bringing it back to its original function.
Each book centers on a couple: Beckett and Clare, Owen and Avery, and Ryder and Hope. Clare is the owner of the bookstore ‘Turn the page’, Avery owns the pizza-place Vesta, and later McT’s restaurant and Tap, and Hope is the innkeeper.

These are typical Nora Roberts books. There is a love story, but the focus is also on the relation between the women and the families. It gives it a ‘home sweet home’ feel, that’s very comforting. Family isn’t only something you’re born into, but also the people you choose to be with.
There is a little paranormal flavoring, because of the resident ghost, Lizzy. Her story, the story of her and Billy really made me cry. I loved how it was unveiled over the three books.

The interesting thing about these books is that there really is an Inn Boonsboro. Nora Roberts spent a lot of money on the renovation. Her husband is owner of Turn the Page and her son owns the two restaurants. Nora’s efforts really made a difference in this town. One day I’ll be staying at the Inn, preferably the Eve & Roarke room! Or the Titania & Oberon, or the Westley & Buttercup or….

Aurian: Thanks for the recommendation Maia! You already know I loved the Nora Roberts books myself. Did we convince some readers to try this series?

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vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

New books to look forward to for August 2014

This is the list of new releases for the month of August 2014 I am looking forward to:

Maya Banks – Taking it all – Surrender trilogy 3
Darynda Jones – Sixth Grave on the Edge PB
Ellery Adams – Murder in the Mystery Suite – Book retreat mystery 01
Jeaniene Frost – The Beautiful Ashes – Broken Destiny 1
Kresley Cole – Dark Skye – IAD 14 HC
Lara Adrian – Crave the Night – Midnight Breed 12 HC
Leann Sweeney – The cat, the vagabond and the victim – Cats in Trouble Mystery 6
Sabrina Jeffries – How the Scoundrel Seduces – Duke’s men 3
Sarah MacLean – Never judge a lady by her cover – Rules of scoundrels 4
Bella Andre – The way you look tonight – Sullivans 9
Cecy Robson – A curse awakened – Weird Girls 0,6 Kindle
Jayne Castle – The Hot Zone – Rainshadow 3
Yasmine Galenorn – Flight from Hell – Fly by Night

I have read a total of 9 books this month, an alltime low for me. I have to write reviews for 6 of those. Yes, I am still very much addicted to Hay Day, so I do warn all of you to stay away from that game.

Did I match my reading solutions for last month? Yes, I did manage that at least:
I have read 2 cozy mysteries:
- Maggie Sefton – Close Knit Killer
- Jenn McKinlay – Death of a Mad Hatter

2 books longer than 1 year on my shelf:
- Anthology: Supernatural
- Heather Graham – Deadly Harvest

1 book I have won / been gifted / given for review:
- Annie West – Rebel’s Bargain

and for my Kindle freebie/Nora Roberts challenge:
- Nora Roberts – The perfect Hope
someday I will have to read a freebie ...

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zondag 27 juli 2014

Nora Roberts – The perfect Hope

The third book in the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy series, published November 1, 2012.
Genre: contemporary romance with a dash of paranormal, ghosts
Cover: cute

The perfect Hope photo n396270_zpsc821c9af.jpg

The Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother are breathing new life into the town of Boonsboro, Maryland, by restoring its historic hotel. And they're finding their own lives revamped by love. This is Ryder's story... Ryder is the hardest Montgomery brother to figure out - with a tough-as-nails outside and possibly nothing too soft underneath. He's surly and unsociable, but when he straps on a tool belt, no woman can resist his sexy swagger. Except apparently Hope Beaumont, the innkeeper of his own Inn BoonsBoro. And though the Inn is running smoothly, thanks to Hope's experience and unerring instincts, her big-city past is about to make an unwelcome - and embarrassing - appearance. Seeing Hope vulnerable stirs up Ryder's emotions and makes him realize that while Hope may not be perfect, she just might be perfect for him...

The third book in the trilogy made me feel like coming home, and catching up with old friends. I have fallen in love with this small town, the Inn and the cast of characters. I would love to spend a few nights there, and explore all the different rooms and the impeccable hospitality of innkeeper Hope and her assistant.
Hope and Ryder don’t seem to like each other very much, and their interactions are very funny. They are attracted to each other, but both don’t want to take the first step into action. So the resident ghost Lizzy takes matters in her own hands, and locks them in a room together. The only way of getting out of there (apart from calling for help) is to kiss each other ... Hope is willing, but Ryder not so much, he likes to make his own moves.
Still, that kiss caused some major sparks between them!

When Hope’s cheating ex-boyfriend comes looking for her, he offers her her old job back at his father’s chic hotel the Wickham, and her old position as his mistress as well ... When Hope is not interested, and highly insulted he can even think that she will knowingly be the other woman, she stays polite, and uses Ryder to prove that she is not pining for Jonathan ...
Ryder is livid though, when he finds out after Jonathan has left, what he asked of Hope. He would have loved to punch him in the face for those insults. And poaching their innkeeper, no, that won’t be tolerated either. But Hope can handle things herself, she does not need his help further. It did make them behave civilized to each other though, and clear the air between them.

In the mean time, Owen and Hope are still searching for the identity of Lizzy’s Billy, and Lizzy is finally showing herself to Hope, and telling some of her story. With the help of some old family papers, that story becomes clearer and clearer, and it is not a pretty story.

Avery’s new restaurant is close to being opened, her wedding dress has been bought, and she is ready to engage the new challenges in her life. She loves what the Montgomery brothers have done with the pub part as well, building the bar themselves. The brothers are working hard on their mothers latest project, the gym. From an ugly building, they will transform it into something pretty and high class, just like they did with the Inn.

Clare is pregnant with twins, and the whole family is overjoyed with that, although 5 boys will not be easy for them. New dogs are also in order, and I sure loved how those rescues are described. And lets not forget Ryder’s loyal sidekick, DA, or DumbAss. Hope makes room for the dog in her apartment as well, and Ryder really appreciates it. They have finally started a relationship, first just for sex, but slowly both want more, although Hope never reacts as Ryder expects. She doesn’t leave her stuff at his house, she doesn’t complain when he has to work late. But then, neither does he when she has guests to take care off. Her guests and taking care of the Inn always comes first for Hope. She loves her job and the Inn.

To put it shortly: I loved this book very much, all the familiair characters, and especially the solution to Billy and Lizzy. That was heartbreaking to read, but the ending made me happy.

Hope is hurt more than she thought by the betrayal of Jonathan and especially his family. They did give her the impression that she was their future daughter in law, they even met her own family. They had to have known about Jonathan and the woman he really intended to marry ... So now she is very careful about entering another relationship,, especially as Ryder is technically the son of her employer ... But Justine laughs about that, and really hopes they will hit it off. Ryder sure is surly at times, and doesn’t know how to deal with a woman’s tears, but he is honest and he will be faithfull to Hope.

It was fun to see Ryder and Hope struggle with their feelings, and growing closer together. Of course their friends and family knew long ago that they were in love, but they had to realize it themselves first. The interaction of Hope with her two best friends Clare and Avery is such fun, and the rougher interaction of Ryder with his two brothers Owen and Beckett is so different. Ryder also hangs out a bit more with Becket’s sons, and you really witness that grown men are still little boys at times...

I loved it, I will re-read this series for sure.

9 stars.

Autobuy author

Autobuy authorLove this book

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