vrijdag 23 april 2010

Sabrina Jeffries - After the Abduction

I enjoyed this third part of the Swanley Spinsters series. Sitting on a sunny terrace with a cold drink, hmmm.

After the abduction

What Happens When A Proper Young Lady Gives In To A Reckless Love?After two London Seasons - and a score of resoundingly dull society suitors - lovely Juliet Laverick still longs for only one man: Morgan Pryce, the dashing scoundrel who kidnapped her two years ago. But her determination to bring him to justice hasn't waned, either - not even when the man she mistakes for Morgan, his twin brother Sebastian, tells her some shocking news: Her mysterious paramour has disappeared. Sebastian, Lord Templemore, dares not admit that he's the one Juliet seeks - that it is his kiss she still yearns for. Confessing to her abduction would bring disaster and scandal upon them both. But how can he convince Juliet to forsake her pursuit of her dream lover - when all he dreams of is holding her in his arms again?

How come, after two years of silence, there are rumors circulating about her elopement? Lady Juliet how grown up in those two years into a lovely young woman, but she refuses all her suitors because of minor flaws. Can she still harbor feelings for the man who abducted her? And then left her standing with only one hot kiss to remember him by?
But her brother in law, Griff Knighton, has finally found some leads for where to find Morgan Pryce. But when they arrive at Charnwood Hall, they only find Sebastian, Lord Templemore, who claims Morgan is his deceased twin brother. But Juliet refuses to believe that. She knows Sebastian is the one who abducted her. They spend over a week closely together, of course she recognizes him. And her meddling sister Rosamund not only sees a chance to play matchmaker again, she gets the chance to ask a local wisewoman for advice on how to become pregnant. With the result that Griff doesn’t get anymore of the steaming hot baths he so enjoys …

But Sebastian keeps denying to be Morgan, and with good reasons. But Juliet wants the truth, and when they begin a dangerous game of seduction, who will give up first? Juliet wants just the truth, and his love, instead of revenge. But can Sebastian give it to her? He has sworn not to fall in love ever, after the disastrous marriage his parents had, and the loneliness it gave him as a boy. Yes, he wants to marry Juliet, but only on his own terms. He won’t give in to any of her demands. He won’t be twisted around her little finger. And Juliet, she won’t start a marriage based on lies. If he can’t trust her, and her family, what is the point?

I really love to read more about the characters I have met in previous books. To catch up with what has happened with them in the meantime. Sebastian his life has been lived very soberly. Duty, honor, obligations. But then Juliet arrives at his estate, and his world is tossed upside down. Can he stand to lose her a second time? Can he give in to her demands, and make right what he has made her suffer?
And Juliet has grown up, she learned her lesson the hard way, but her family still sees her as that naïve little girl she used to be.

I will start reading the next book in this series shortly.

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