vrijdag 1 juli 2011

Books to look forward to for July 2011

My list for July is very very short, so if anyone has some books I have missed, please comment on this post so I can add them.

Nora Roberts – Chasing fire PB
Catherine Coulter – Split second (FBI 15, HB)
Catherine Coulter – Whiplash – PB
Annette Blair – Skirting the Grave – Vintage Magic 4
Susan Wittig Albert –The Darling Dahlia’s and the Naked Ladies – Darling Dahlia’s 2 HC

I have read and reviewed 19 books in June, which is average for me. Only three books from my huge June list, but then some of them are still on the road somewhere between England and Holland. So they will surely be read this month.

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  1. I can't even think what's coming out in July. I just sort of go with the flow and add add add to the WWBL as I see someone chatting about a book.