dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

New additions to my addiction

Last week I received Kathryne Kennedy - Lady of the Storm, and when I have finished with the 4 books I am struggling with at the moment, that one will be read soon.
A few weeks ago, I won a gift certificate for Amazon at Paranormal Heaven. Unfortunately, I cannot buy books at Amazon as I don't have a credit card, and they do not use PayPal. So my best friend ordered me: Lynn Viehl - After Midnight.
I love Lynn Viehl, and really want to buy this book, but thought it too expensive. So I used the gift certificate, and still had to pay for shipping. But the books from the author who gave me the gift card, will be bought at The Bookdepository, as soon as they have another discount going ;).

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  1. Oh I won a amazon GC card and it worked fine, well as long as I did not go over the limit