maandag 5 september 2011

Lori Handeland – D.J.’s Angel

A book in the Angel's Touch series, published September 1995. A multi author series.

D.J.'s Angel

Where angels go, love is sure to follow.

Mission of Love
D.J. Halloran didn’t believe in love. She’d just seen too much heartache – in her work as a police officer and in her own life. And she’d vowed a long time ago never to let anyone get close enough to hurt her, even if that someone was the very captivating, very handsome Chris McCall.
But D.J. also had an angel – a special guardian determined, at any cost, to teach D.J. the magic of love. So try as she might to resist Chris’s many charms, D.J. knew she was in for an even tougher battle because of her exasperating heavenly companion’s persistent faith in the power of love.

Okay, it took me many weeks to finish this book, but I persevered as Lori Handeland is one of my favourite authors. Of course, it is a very old book, and her writing style and especially genre has greatly altered. If it wasn’t for the underlying plot of who is trying to kill Chris and D.J., and why, and finding out who is starting gangs in town, I would have given up.
I just can’t find myself in the message of have faith, faith in God, and faith in love, and everything will be allright. I have enjoyed some of the angels books in Debbie Macomber’s series before, but this one just is not my thing.

It’s not a bad book, o no, just not to my taste. So I am not going to grade it. If you do like the message in this book, you might like this a lot better than I have. I might revise my policy of collecting everything my favourite authors have ever written because of this experience though, and stick to the series I love.

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  1. Eh I will just give it a miss then.
    I know, it sure makes you sad when you read an earlier book by an author and it just does not work

  2. I always wonder how I will react to an author's books from their beginnings. I'm sorry this disappointed you.