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Sharon Lathan – Loving Mr. Darcy

The second book in the Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy series, published September 1, 2009.
Genre: historical fiction, a Jane Austen spin off
Cover: nice.

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Darcy is head over heals in love.
Six months into his marriage to Elizabeth Bennett, Darcy is still awestruck by his beautiful wife and their unparalleled love and passion. For Darcy, each day offers more opportunities to surprise and delight his beloved bride.
Lizzy is ready for anything.
Elizabeth has quickly adapted to being the Mistress of Pemberley, charming everyone she meets and handling her duties with grace and poise. Just when its seems life can’t get any better, Elizabeth gets the most wonderful news.
Together they embark on the journey of a lifetime.
The lovers leave the serenity of Pemberley, travelling through the sumptuous landscape of Regency England, experiencing the lavish sights, sounds and tastes around them. With each day comes new discoveries as they become further entwined, body and soul, and a most sacred bond grows ever deeper.

I never expected to like this book. My first thought usually is, hands of of my favourite stories, write something original if you want to write a book. But this book did not change Jane Austen’s classic story (which I adore), it continues it.

Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are very happily married (6 months now), and expecting their first child. The book very closely follows them in their daily lives, what they do, who they meet, and especially in the bedroom. Yes they do have sex, and an enormous amount of it. They are both insatiable about the other. I have to admit, I got tired of it, and started skipping those pages and scenes.

I really enjoyed meeting them again, and in my head, I just saw the actors from the BBC mini series. Lizzie and William themselves ofcourse, but also Lizzie’s family and all their friends who have appeared in the series. It was fun, and very realistic. And yes, Lady Catherine De Bourgh is still not happy with Darcy’s marriage to Elizabeth, and accuses her for being a moneygrabber and such. This infuriates Darcy when he later finds out, but his uncle, the Earl of Matlock has already taken his sister to task, and tells her the whole family is standing behind William and Elizabeth, and she will have to accept this, or be closed out by all of them.

William and Lizzy travel from Pemberley to London, and in the end Darcy shows Elizabeth his county Derbyshire, when he has some business in Derby and beyond, and Elizabeth wants to shop for things for the baby “at home”.

Yes, I did enjoy this book, and I can recommend it to everyone who wants to know: ‘what happened after the wedding ceremony”. I will read more books in this series if I come across them.

7 stars.

A blogger made me buy it

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  1. Lol, I skimmed the sex scenes too, but then I skim all sex scenes in books

  2. Hm... another revision of these characters. I do tend to enjoy them! :) Might have to check this one out.

  3. I doesn't seem very exiting (apart from the sex scenes). Is it just "See how happy we are!" or is there some plot, some development?

    1. Nope, no plot or story at all, just a telling of what and how they are doing. Which is nice and relaxing for a change.

  4. It's nice to read book like that, some are good and other a little less I confess. I haven't read the original stories but it's fun to read these ones. However I haven't tried this one yet.

  5. I hope you do Felicia, I just loved the atmosphere of the time, and just knowing more about them.