donderdag 10 juli 2014

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

My 11th new additions post for 2014. Some books have been read and reviewed already, and others are destined to gather dust for a while.

From Bookdepository:
Annie West – An enticing debt to pay
Erin McCarthy – Double Exposure, from every angle
Nora Roberts – The perfect Hope.

Bought at the bookfair:
Christie Ridgway – Then he kissed me
Jennifer Murray – The officer says I do
Jennifer Probst – The marriage mistake
Carolyn Brown – My Give A Damn’s Busted
Carolyn Brown – One lucky cowboy
Jeri Smith-Ready: Shine
Jane Porter – The frog prince
Heather Graham – An angel for Christmas
Secrets Volume 18 – because it has a Larissa Ione story.

Secondhand books:
Anthology: Zombies vs Unicorns

Books I’ve won:
Signed books and bookmarks, with a lovely note, from Jennifer Ashley: Pride Mates and The Queen’s Handmaiden. I am very happy with that last one, as it has been out of sale for years.

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12 opmerkingen:

  1. oh that's nice, some great books and many I haven't read. Happy reading!

  2. I look forward to reading your review of Zombies vs Unicorns. I've been thinking about giving it a go, but haven't fully decided yet.

    1. I am not sure I will read it myself, I might give it to Sullivan McPig as she loves everything zombie!

  3. Hm... not sure if the last comment went through... but nice to see getting a book that you had wanted!

    1. Nope it did not Melissa. And thank you, I do look forward to reading The Queen's Handmaiden. It has been many years since I read historical fiction.

  4. I have read and enjoyed Christy Ridgeway. Nice haul this week

  5. I always love seeing what books people get :D Hope you enjoy them!!