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Delores Fossen – Truly, Madly, Briefly / Katie Gallagher – Tried and True

A stand alone novel, published June 1, 2003.
Genre: romantic comedy
Cover: fun

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Delores Fossen – Truly, Madly, Briefly

Are your undies safe?
Bobbie Callahan can ID a briefs man from a boxers kind of guy from fifty paces - managing the family's men's lingerie factory will do that to a girl. When a case of superlarge men's thongs disappears not once, but twice, she calls in the sheriff. Aidan O'Shea is thrilled to be called. Not just because the tiny Texas town had all but put the Boston cop to sleep, but because Bobbie's the sexiest gal around!

O this book was hilarious. Every chapter starts with the catalogue description of one of the pieces of male underwear Bobbie is selling, and it had me in stitches. And then those descriptions were used by her trying to explain things to the new sheriff.
Aidan is in some kind of exchange program, having a new post every six months. This little village is driving him crazy though. All the women seem to be after him, making up excuses to have him visit their homes, or come into his office and proposition him. So when Bobbie gives him a real case to investigate, he jumps on it. Bobbie has some other problems as well, her ex-fiancée won’t take no for an answer, even though he stood her up at the altar twice now, but Bobbie is really though with him this time.
So perhaps they can help each other out with their relationship problems by pretending to be together?

I had such fun reading this book, I just hope someday I will find the other book by Harlequin Duets with her fun story: The deputy gets her man. As far as I can see, she has written piles of cowboy and Harlequin intrigue books, but nothing else this funny.

9 stars.

Katie Gallagher – Tried and True

The sheriff has met his match!

Socialite Clementine Spencer is looking for a change. She's always been a good girl and listened to her mother, but no longer! So a month before her wedding she jumps into her car and takes a secret road trip. When she ends up in Tried and True, Kansas, she knows she has to make a decision and figure out what she wants. And what she wants is Callum McCutcheon, the town's sexy sheriff! If only he weren't so stubborn and would admit he wants her, too!

This was such a fun story! Clementine Spencer is a rich heiress, and a really nice girl, not a rich spoiled bitch. She has finally told her fiancé she doesn’t want to marry him, she told her mother she was going on a roadtrip for a month to figure out what she wants for herself, and now she is stranded in Tried and True, Kansas. Her overbearing mother doesn’t take kindly to this though, and she has had Clementine’s bank accounts frozen, and her credit cards cancelled. And so she has to live on the money she has in her pocked, and the gas in the tank of her vintage car. But now she has come to this tiny village, and it appeals to her. She gets a job as a waitress, even though she doesn’t know anything about being on, but she is a quick learner, and the locals like her a lot.
What she doesn’t know, is that the local women are really fanatic about matchmaking, they need to keep the young people in their town and not have them go looking for more in the big city. And they have their eyes on her with the local doctor, or with the local sheriff. And yes, the sheriff is certainly attracted to her, but he is not interested in a woman who will move away in a few weeks. But still, he can’t stay away from her either …

I liked Clementine a lot, she is a nice person, and now she is finally growing a backbone against her mother, and standing up for what she wants. Making her own decisions, living her own life, and not what her mother wants for her.
Of course Callum is droolworthy, and he wants to protect her from danger, and prevent her from leaving his town, but I still think he could have explained things to her. She is not stupid after all. A sweet and very fun romance, thanks to the matchmaking ladies and their pie’s.

8 stars.

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