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Cherry Adair – Black Magic

This is a stand alone novel, published in 2010.

Black Magic


Ever since the death of her parents, Sara Temple has rejected her magical gifts. Then, in a moment of extreme danger, she unknowingly sends out a telepathic cry for help - to the one man she is convinced she never wants to see again.


Jackson Slater thought he was done forever with his ex-fiancée, but when he hears her desperate plea, he teleports halfway around the world to aid her in a situation where magic has gone suddenly, brutally wrong.


But while Sara and Jack remain convinced they are completely mismatched, the Wizard Council feels otherwise. A dark force is killing some of the world's most influential wizards, and the ex-lovers have just proved their abilities are mysteriously amplified when they work together. But with the fate of the world at stake, will the violent emotions still simmering between them drive them farther apart . . . or bring them back into each other's arms?

How to write a review about a book where so much has happened?

Jack and Sara have a history together. They once were so very much in love, they nearly got married. And now they meet again, not under the best of circumstances. A wizard has gotten crazy, threatening to kill both his wife and Sara, and Sara’s desperate pleas have reached Jack half a world away. He arrives just in time to save the woman, but he has to shoot Alberto to do that. Something Sara didn’t want him to do, as she thinks of Alberto as a surrogate father. But Jack’s magic doesn’t seem to work so he has no other choice. And then suddenly they are at the Wizard’s Council, where they learn that the evil Omnivatics are not extinct as thought, and they are behind the latest natural disasters worldwide. In three weeks time, a certain comet will be passing earth again, as it does every 333 years, and at that time, the Omnivatics are at their most powerful. So they have to find the source of this evil, and they have to work together to do that.
They both protest, but to no avail, and it is true, their powers seem to amplify each others. But they are no Lifemates! It can’t be!

Sara still lives with her Guardian, also her friend and her employer, Grant Baltzer, a man Jack has always disliked intensely. She works as an interior decorator, and keeps an eye on the building of his new hotels in South America. Sara is very good at what she does. She is afraid of using her magic, but for small things like changing clothes. After all, her parents died because she couldn’t control her powers as a teenager. Jack doesn’t believe that, but can’t convince her of the truth.

Both Jack and Sara are still attracted to each other, they still love each other, although both are determined to keep their distance. A broken heart costs too much pain. But they have to stick together and cannot fight their attraction. Every time they become close again, there is something that drives a wedge between them. They disagree, mostly about Grant, or the large house snake Harry. Jack loathes snakes, ever since a horrible incident when he was 10 years old, he is terrified of them. So being in the jungle is not his favourite place to be.

Piece by piece, they unravel the truth. About the evil wizard, and about their own history, and what keeps getting between them.

What we have here is a book filled with magic, with love scenes, and with snakes. I already had an enormous dislike, fright, of snakes, and reading this book did not do anything to make it better. It is even worse now.
But, I still think it is a good story, and I sure wish it was not a stand alone as I like the concept.

I liked Jack from the start. He is strong and handsome, a geologist, and really loves Sara. He knows Grant is the one driving a wedge between them, and it is very frustrating when Sara just doesn’t want to see it. He is not a macho he-man, he lets Sara be herself, and do her things. Together they are great. I was hesitating about Sara at first, as she just wanted to have other people deal with things, instead of doing it herself. Relying on herself. In the end again she had to be saved, couldn’t do it herself. Bit of a disappointment really. Not the strong heroine I love.

7,5 stars.

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