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Tamar Myers – No use dying over spilled milk

The third book in the Pennsylvania Dutch Mysteries with Recipes series, published in 1996.


Magdalena Yoder is out from behind the counter of the PennDutch Inn, and into hot milk – uh, water. Yost Yoder, her second cousin twice removed, has been found naked, floating in a tank of unpasteurized milk, and Magdalena knows it’s murder: Amish men just don’t go swimming in milk in the middle of February.

Loading up the car with her free-spirited sister and her fickle cook, she heads to Farmersburg, Ohio, for the funeral … and gallons of trouble! She learns that not a week earlier another Amish man met his untimely death. Something is truly rotten in Farmersburg, and it smells a lot like cheese. When a war between powerful cheese makers erupts, Magdalena uncovers the startling truth about what’s churning in this once peaceful town.

It really is a fun series. Magdalena is such a character. All prim and proper, but she loves to pry her nose into everything, and eats like a dock worker. She has no tact whatsoever, and just asks the most embarrassing questions. And she gets the answers to. Of course, not everyone likes her, and she sometimes gets bodily removed from a premises, but she is always a lady.
Witty sarcasm flows of the pages. If you are not Amish, you’r English. Even though the Yoders were Amish before becoming Mennonites, and every bit as strict.
She is cursed with a younger sister who chases everyone in pants, carrying her rat like dog with her in her bra (as she has no other use for the thing anyway), who doesn’t like to work but sleeps the day away instead.
The fun part is that Magdalena now has a boyfriend for her own, and soon may be a married lady. I do wonder if that will change her one bit.

O, about this book. The mystery was not really a mystery, but the people involved were not really clear till they revealed themselves by kid/car-napping Magdalena.

7 stars.

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