zaterdag 15 januari 2011

J.D. Robb – Interlude in Death

Book 14 in the In Death (Novellas) series. First published as part of the anthology Out of this world in 2001, then as a stand alone novella in 2006. I have both versions. This time I read the novella, as I am not interested in the other stories again at this moment.

Out of this world

Interlude in Death

Number-one New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb, has taken romantic suspense to an electrifying new level in her In Death series. Now she takes Lieutenant Eve Dallas off-planet, where she just might lose the man she loves…
Eve is resigned to the fact that she’s been ordered to give a seminar at a police conference – and that she’ll have to leave Earth to do it. But dedication to her job only goes so far, and when a legendary commander sets his sights on taking down her husband, Roarke, Eve will do everything in her power to stop him…

Lieutenant Eve Dallas hates going off planet, as she is afraid of space travelling, even to the luxurious resort of Olympus, Roarke has been building for years. Why couldn’t they have the blasted seminar in New York, her own turf? What use is there in sending thousands of police officers and techs from all over the world to out of space? But she has no choice in the matter, and Roarke is happy to take her in the most luxurious space yet he has.
At the opening reception, Eve gets to meet Commander Douglas R. Skinner, a very much respected cop with 50 years in service under his belt, who is now doing the lecture rounds, making tons of money in doing so. But she is not impressed with him, being a cop is about doing the job, not bragging about it. And when the Commander demands an interview with her, she is not really interested. But he leaves her no choice.
He just sits there, and tells her, that if she hadn’t gotten involved with Roarke, hadn’t married him, she would have her captains bars by now. But she sold herself out, degraded her badge, by associating with a known criminal. But if she gives him Roarke, he will make sure she makes captain. Eve is furious, and of course she refuses. When she wants to stalk away, his bodyguards detain her. She is not to be excused till the Commander is finished with her. Eve just busts his nose, and walks away.
While celebrating with the rest of the NYPD cops and techs and Roarke, they get the message that a body is found on the stairs. The security agent who detained her earlier, is battered to death. The murder weapon is left on the stairs. Eve is ready to start the investigation when she realizes she has no jurisdiction here. The head of Olympus police is a very beautiful female officer, Roarke has employed for a few years now. She has worked for years in Colombia, but has no experience in a murder investigation. So she reluctantly welcomes Eve’s help, and that of her team.
And what should have been some leisure time, some lectures and workshops, turn into a homicide investigation. It is clear that someone is trying to frame Roarke, and that someone has to be the Commander. But did he really sacrifice one of his own man to get to Roarke? How did he become so obsessed with Roarke, as they never cross paths before?

Even though it is a short story, it is a good one. The interaction between Roarke and Eve is sizzling as usual, and one more clue about their pasts is being revealed. It is not easy for Eve not being in command herself, but she copes with it, and together the two woman, with the help of Peabody and dr. Mira really kick ass.

8,5 stars

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