donderdag 20 januari 2011

New additions to my addiction

This morning when I opened my front door to put the trash outside for the collectors, I was given four books by a mailwoman. Usually those books arrive in the evenings, so this sure made my day!
Two brand new ones to devour, and two from my backlist, which will be put in their right places this very evening.

Christine Feehan - Dark Slayers (such a fantastic good book!)
Lisa Kleypas - Married by Morning
Lynn Kurland - Star of the Morning (I am very curious about this series)
Marjorie M. Liu - In the Dark of Dreams

Naturally, unpacking and drooling over these treasures made me too late for the bus, so I had to ring for a cab, what a hardship!
All in all, a good start to a very difficult day.

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