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J.D. Robb - Treachery in Death

Book 40 in the In Death series, published Febrary 2011.

Treachery in Death

In the latest from the #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon, Eve Dallas tracks down those who break the law-including the ones sworn to uphold it.

Detective Eve Dallas and her partner, Peabody, are following up on a senseless crime-an elderly grocery owner killed by three stoned punks for nothing more than kicks and snacks. This is Peabody's first case as primary detective-good thing she learned from the master.

But Peabody soon stumbles upon a trickier situation. After a hard workout, she's all alone in the locker room when the gym door clatters open; and-while hiding inside a shower stall trying not to make a sound-she overhears two fellow officers, Garnet and Oberman, arguing. It doesn't take long to realize they're both crooked-guilty not just of corruption but of murder. Now Peabody, Eve, and Eve's husband, Roarke, are trying to get the hard evidence they need to bring the dirty cops down-knowing all the while that the two are willing to kill to keep their secret.

There is nothing Lieutenant Eve Dallas detests more than a dirty cop, and when a shaken Peabody and McNab arrive on her doorstep, she wants to kick but. Lieutenant Renee Obermann is Illegals, and it appears, she has been skimming for years, along with most members in her squad. But there is a catch: her father has been the Commander before Whitney, and is highly respected for everything he has done in his years of service. So this will be very high profile. The media fallout will be huge, and cages will be opened when cases are being reviewed. But still, Eve wants to take her down, badly.
And so with the help of EDD and Lieutenant Webster of IAD, and of course her husband Roarke, the investigation starts. Not only on the theft of the impounded chemicals and money, but also the murder of two straight cops in her division. They will bury her and her team. Detective Garnet is a hot-head, with no respect for authority, and he crosses over the line with Eve, and she slaps him down hard for it. And when he comes at her again, she knows she has her way into Renee’s squad. But Renee acts before she thinks, and has him killed by her personal soldier.
But it will all heap evidence against her, and she will not be able to wiggle out of it. Renee has her people everywhere, in accounting, maintenance, EDD, and even one of the shrinks in Mira’s division. And Eve wants them all, no deals are to be made.

Amongst all the investigating, there is also some personal time. Mavis and Bella drop by, and Chief Darcia, from the Olympus resort, is on holiday in New York, and visits Eve. And when she meets Don Webster of IAD, a spark jumps over, and they start dating. Which baffles Eve, how can a relationship work when you are literally living on different worlds?
There are some nice love scenes with Roarke as usual, the love just jumps of the pages. No nightmares this time, no memories. But Eve really is mad with Renee, she had a normal childhood, and a father who gave a good example, and she smears it. She choose to be a dirty cop. She was not raised one. So Eve enjoys baiting her, and caging her in.

Yes, I liked this brand new story a lot. It has everything I love in this series. A very good detective story, and the personal tidbits I like to read about. The usual main characters of course. And perhaps some new ones who will come back. Of course, not really suspense, as the killer is known and it is all about gathering evidence.

8 stars

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