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Sherrilyn Kenyon – Born of Fire

The second book in the League series, published originally as ebook in the 1990’s, re-issued on paper November 2009, which is the copy I have and have read.

Born of Fire

In a universe where assassins make the law, everyone lives in fear, except for Syn. Born of an illicit scandal that once rocked a dynasty, he always knew how to survive on the bloodthirsty streets. But that was then, and the future is now…

He takes no prisoners.
Syn was raised as a tech-thief until his livelihood uncovered a truth that could end his life. He tried to destroy the evidence and has been on the run ever since. Now trained as an assassin, he allows no one to threaten him. Ever. He is the darkness that swallows his enemies whole.
She offers no escape.
Shahara Dagan is the best bounty hunter in the universe. When Syn comes back on the radar, she’s the only one who can bring him to justice. There’s only one problem: Syn is a close family friend who/’s helped out the Dagans countless times. But if she saves him, both of their lives will be on the line. Is Syn’s protection worth the risk? The only hope Shahara has is to find the evidence he buried long ago. Now it’s kill or be killed – and they, the predators, have just become the hunted.

All his life, Syn has been punished for being the son of a psychopathic criminal. Raised with hatred and violence, he learned to live on the streets. But when his beloved older sister killed herself when he was 10 years of age, he turned his father in to the authorities. As a reward, he gets thrown in prison himself, and not one for children, but in a maximum security facility. He escaped a year later, but the damage was done. All he wanted was to grow up in a normal family, to be able to go to school.
As a street rat, he survived. A filch, a thief, a hacker. Until one night he met Nykyrian, and his life changed. He changed his name, went to school, became a surgeon, even married and became a father. Until a nosy reporter exposed him, and his wife threw him out and set the enforcers on him. Just for being the son of.
Now Syn has build another life for himself, he is an extremely wealthy businessman, and member of the Sentinels. And again a bounty is placed on his head, for something he didn’t do.
Shahara is desperately in need of money to help her sister Tessa out of trouble again. As an excellent bounty hunter, she decides to go after Syn, as he will bring her the greatest reward. What she doesn’t know is that he is a good friend of her brother, and has helped her family countless times. She sees the world in black and white, Syn is a criminal, the government says so, so he belongs in prison. And it is her job to see to that.
Not being able this time to capture him herself, and not willing to kill him as he dares her, she betrays his location to the government. Her conscience is heavy, but her family comes first. Not knowing that Syn has already taken care of all her problems… Then she is given another contract, to betray him even more. First she gets him out of prison, then she has to find the chip he stole 20 years ago, which landed him in prison and torture for the second time in his young life.

What follows is an exciting adventure, where Shahara finds out more about Syn than he has ever told another being. Not even Nykyrian. And she starts to understand him, know him, and fall in love with him, knowing that in the end she will have to betray him.
And Syn starts to feel hope again, is it possible that a decent woman can care for him after all?

Another great story by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I love the world(s) she created, the different races, the super fast space travel.
Syn is another extremely tormented hero, and no matter what happened to him, a very decent man. He still hurts from the betrayal of his wife and son, whom he never stopped loving, even though he is not his biological father. And the only thing the son wants from him, is his money.
Shahara is a strong kick ass female, she even outfights and outshoots Syn. She has been responsible for her younger brother and two younger sisters a long time, getting them out of trouble time and again, with the consequence, she is still piss-poor, with nothing to call her own. Especially her sisters are irresponsible, Tessa is a gambler and a dream chaser, not noticing what it costs Shahara to bail her out time after time.
The riches Syn introduces her to, are quite overwhelming. Especially when she believes he wants a sophisticated wife, who knows all about etiquette. And she is nothing like that. All she knows is how to be a tracker, and how to fight. She cannot even cook!
A really nice surprise was the tech-bot Syn build as a boy, a great secondary character.

The attraction between Syn and Shahara is a surprise to both, but very nicely done. There are some love scenes, but not too much. I liked both of them, and really felt for Syn. But I do believe Shahara could have come to her senses sooner.

8 stars.

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