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Lori Handeland – Moon Cursed

The tenth book in the Night Creature series, published March 2011.

Moon Cursed

Kristin Daniels is passionate in her pursuit of the truth. As the host of the television show Hoax Hunters, she's travelled to the ends of the earth to explore - and expose - life's most enduring myths. Her latest undertaking is no exception: Kris is bound for Scotland, where she intends to get to the bottom of the Loch Ness monster legend for once and for all. Instead, Kris encounters something far more mysterious...For in the ruins of the lake's Urquhart Castle lies a heavenly creature - a sleek, muscled man with a seductive brogue named Liam Grant. One look into his eyes and Kris is already in danger of falling in too deep. Is Liam for real? Or has the spell of the moon touched them both?

To write a short recapitulation of this book, would certainly spoil too much. So I won’t, this time.
It took me a while to get into the story, it was certainly nothing like the rest of the series. I didn’t really understand Kris. And how she fell so fast for Liam, which was not according to her character, I just found it foolish. But that was explained during the story, and I did understand then. But she doesn’t give her trust easy, and there were some strange people in this book. Of course, being away from your own country, totally alone, makes you do things out of character.
I liked the early appearance of Edward Mandenauer, and how he gets Kris to do as he wants. But his way of communication was a bit over the top for me. And how she got what she needed to protect herself, also too mysterious for words.

This certainly is one original explanation of the Loch Ness monster, and I really grew in the story, and liked it. I was a bit sad with the ending at first, because, well, Nessie is explained, but the very last sentence of the book had me laughing again. Way to go Lori!
And I must admit, a nice change from the werewolves, even though I missed meeting any of the old cast of main characters.
So after a rough start, the book grew on me, and I liked it, but I don’t think it is the best one in the series. But from a non-believer in magic, creatures, monsters and legends, Kris really turns around into a believer, and how!

8 stars.

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