zaterdag 30 april 2011

New books to look forward to for May 2011.

Here is my list of sparkling new books to be released in May:

Anne McCaffrey – Dragon’s Time – Pern series
Cheyenne McCray – Zombies sold separately – Night Tracker 4
Alexis Morgan – The darkness beyond – Paladins of Darkness 8
Karen Hawkins – Scandal in Scotland – Hurst Amulet 2
Thea Harrison – Dragon’s Bound
Ilona Andrews – Magic slays – Kate Daniels 5
Lynn Viehl – After Midnight – Youngbloods 1
Kim Harrison – Something deadly this way comes – Madison Avery 3
Deborah Cooke – Darkfire Kiss - Pyr 5

I have read only 2 books from my April list last month, and 1 which was not on it, but on this list, Quicksilver. Which is not much. I have read a total of 18 books in April. I do hope to read some more in May.

What are you looking forward to in May 2011?

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