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Alyssa Day – Atlantis Redeemed

The fifth book in the Warriors of Poseidon series, published March 2010.

Atlantis Redeemed

Poseidon’s warriors have learned that the battle to protect humanity produces unexpected enemies--and alliances. But none more unexpected than the bond between a cursed Atlantean warrior and a woman whose sight surpasses any lie…
A warrior with no emotion …
Doomed by Poseidon millennia ago to live life bereft of feelings, Atlantean warrior Brennan’s curse is shattered when he meets Tiernan--a human with the ancient Gift of Truth Telling. Attraction turns deadly when the woman he could never forget becomes the woman he can never remember. With the fate of Atlantis on the line, will a warrior’s uncontrollable desire destroy the world?
A woman with an eye for the truth…
Tiernan’s job as an investigative reporter is perfectly suited to her unique ability to see through any falsehood. But when she discovers human scientists conducting hideous experiments on humans and shape-shifters alike, only a wildly sexy Atlantean can help protect her from the those determined to see her fail—and die. When the future of the world is at stake, can she overcome death itself so together they can protect mankind?

When truth and passion collide…Atlantis is redeemed.

After a few disappointing books, I could no longer stay away from this series. I love it so much, and I had to know what happens with Brennan.
Brennan is one of the oldest Warriors of Poseidon. Cursed by his God over two thousand years ago to live without emotions. Only when he finds his true mate, will his emotions return, and then, when she leaves his sight, he will forget all about her. Until the day she dies, and he will remember everything again. A really harsh curse, and not totally deserved. Yes, he did like wine and woman to much, and gave no honour to the name of the Warriors of Poseidon. But he was only 19 at the time, and it was not his fault the woman took her own life! He did offer to marry her, but she thought him far beneath her.
So for all this time, he has been a faithful Warrior, feeling nothing at all, no joy, no sorrow, no grief, no happiness. At most a slight bit of curiosity.
Until he met the journalist Tiernan Butler two months ago in Boston. According to his fellow warriors, he went berserk, killed a vampire they needed to question, and threatened them. And all over a human woman. He doesn’t remember anything of it, but he does think it has something to do with his curse. And now his prince needs him to work with Tiernan on finding the mad human scientists who are working with the vampires on a permanent mind control device, that enslaves both humans and shifters. As in investigative reporter, she has been following the leads of this story for months, and she is close to finding out who is behind it all.
Lucas and his shifters in Yellowstone Park are in danger, some of his packmates have been kidnapped and experimented on. Alexios and Grace have agreed to help them, especially now that Alexios is some kind of godfather to Lucas and Honey’s children. And there is no one else to work with Tiernan but Brennan, as the other warriors are on other assignments around the world. The Atlanteans still need to find all the other jewels from Poseidon’s Trident to be able to let Atlantis rise again, and they are searching for them, while making treaties with other people, endangered by the vampires, intent on taking over the world.

Brennan doesn’t know if he can work with Tiernan, if she really is his destined mate. But he is willing to find out, as he grows weary of his meaningless existence. But as soon as they arrive at Yellowstone Park, Brennan feels she is in danger, being bitten by a Vampire, and he goes Berserk, and takes of to safe her. By the time he arrives at her hotel, she is already safely inside, the vampire in question meant her no real harm. But Tiernan is totally surprised by the mist invading her room, and then that mist transforming into the man she has been dreaming of for the last few months. Hot, erotic, dreams.
The minute Brennan lays eyes on Tiernan, a torrent of emotions flood him. The good and the bad one he didn’t feel for all those two thousand years. And he is reaching insanity, when he is saved by Tiernan calling his name. She doesn’t know what is happening to him, but she feels he is in tremendous pain. And when he tells her, he needs to hold her, she feels he is speaking the truth. But as soon as Brennan touches Tiernan, his need explodes. Desire, lust, and he almost rips the clothes of her body. But he still has honour, so he stops when she tells him to. No matter how difficult it is, he will never willingly hurt her.
After being almost molested in her own hotel room, Tiernan has a hard time trusting Brennan, but when he pleads with her to tell her his story, she agrees. After all, she can hear if he lies or not. And what he tells her is the truth as he knows it. And when he vows he will never hurt her, she believes him. She really is his true mate. But she is not ready to accept him in her life that easily. She has been alone almost all of her life, the curse, or her gift, keeping her on the edge of sanity. Every little white lie, every big black one, is clear to her. It didn’t make for having friends, because friends also lie to each other in a big or a small way. Tiernan is on the break of her important mission, and she will not give it up for an Atlantean Warrior she doesn’t really know. It is a problem for her to go to the bathroom, because as soon as she is out of Brennan’s sight, he starts forgetting her. And as Tiernan is drawn to Brennan as well, she doesn’t want that, or at least not yet.

They are both under disguise at the hotel, for a big conference of neurosurgeons and scientists and some of the most high ranking vampires in the area. Tiernan is a dim witted reporter for a science magazine, and Brennan is a billionaire willing to fund the research, in exchange for being made immortal. But something goes wrong, and they are captured by their enemies, and the mad scientist is starting his experiments on them. As soon as they take Brennan away from Tiernan, he starts forgetting her. But it is not easy to control an Atlantean, and it takes days for Brennan to break. That is, until a few human guards want to “play” with Tiernan. Then his memories come partly back, and he rescues her, and himself. Only not for long, as there is no easy way out of the facility. They run right back in the hands of their captors. But this time, things are different. Tiernan dies, and Brennan goes Berserker. His rage amps up his powers, and their rescuers arrive too late.

What a great fifth book in a great series! Yes, I cried for them, and I smiled for them. The story is fast paced, as usual, and filled with a lot of familiar characters from the previous books. I could not help but fall for Brennan, who was really punished extremely hard by Poseidon. So now he has found his one true mate, only to be doomed to loose her again. As they were in the middle of an important investigation, they could not take the little time they had to learn to know each other, and enjoy being together. Brennan wants Tiernan to stay safely in Atlantis, even if it will make him forget her, but it is her mission as well, and he has no say over her! So together they faced the danger, and went willingly into the torture to safe the other one. I felt for Tiernan, having to see Brennan forgotten who she is for days. In the short time they had together, she fell in love with him, having seen his soul through the soul meld. And when she hears, he is death, she gives up the will to live, to survive. Why she believed that lie, I have no idea.

I do believe Alaric and Quinn will have a chance at love together, someday. After all this is over. Alaric finally found out it was not Poseidon who ordered his priests to be celibate, so he is free to marry. If only his people didn’t need him this much at the moment, he would be by her side all the time.

Alexios and Grace are happy together, and with their unborn daughter. The young prince Aidan is fine as are his royal parents. I am wondering who will be the next warrior to fall for love and the soul meld.

Alyssa Day writes a wonderful paranormal romance series, with strong and handsome and attractive Atlantean Warriors, and even strong woman to complete them. O they all turn caveman in the beginning: my woman, and permitting and stuff, but the women quickly gets rid of those notions, and tames her warrior. It is a book you cannot stop reading, it has a lot of action and fighting scenes, suspense, but the romance part is breath taking.

9,5 stars.

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  1. Oh another one, and a good one...I am interested, but then I said that before, lol

  2. Haven't read this series yet but it sounds really nice. Will have to check it out.