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Alyssa Day – Wild hearts in Atlantis

The second story, or book 1,5 in the Warriors of Poseidon series, published in the anthology Wild Thing in May 2007.

Wild Thing

When a troubled shape-shifter captures Bastien's attention, will Poseidon allow her to capture Bastien's heart?

To battle the new alliance between vampires and evil shape-shifters, it is decided that the Warriors of Poseidon need alliances of their own. Based on intel provided by Quinn and the resistance, Conlan, the High Prince of Atlantis, appoints Bastien as the liaison to a powerful group of shapeshifters in Miami. Bastien doesn’t think he is capable of being a diplomat, he is one huge man, and a fearsome warrior. Until he learns that his contact will be Kat Fiero, a beautiful half human – half shapeshifter parkranger he happened to safe from a pack of vampires two years ago. Their meeting was short, but burned in his heart forever. And now he gets to meet her again.

Kat Fiero is not a happy woman. She is trapped between two worlds, she is neither human, nor a real shapeshifter. She is cursed with a gift, to spread calmth and peace around, but that also prevents her from shifting into her own black panther. You need strong emotions to shift, but every time she gets to that point, her gifts awakes, and she calms again. She cannot even feel strong sorrow for more than a minute before she is calm again, and she hates that.
Her Alpha’s male Fallon hates her, and ridicules her every chance she gets. For being half human, not able to shift, for her height and her looks. So Kat is very insecure about herself.

She remembers meeting Bastien two years before, and was very sorry to see him walk away from her then. And now he will share her house with her, sleeping in her spare bedroom. She is attracted to him, but will he ever feel the same for her? Bastian sure does, but Poseidon has long ago forbidden relationships between his own Warriors and shape shifters.

It is Bastien’s job, with the help of Justice and Denal to find the proof that the vampires are behind the death of the shapeshifters recently, and not the humans, she they can prevent the alliance between Ethan and Organos, the local head vampire.

But when Bastien and Kat give into their feelings (after a very hot scene where Bastien takes a shower outside!) Bastien learns that Kat is his Soulmate, and he will fight Poseidon himself for the right to call her his own.

A very short story, but still a good one. Bastien is all warrior, it is his whole life, duty and service to Poseidon, no matter how hard the job, even if it burdens his soul. And now he meets Kat again, and he dares to feel again. If his prince was permitted to marry a human woman, will he be permitted to marry his own choice as well?
And Kat, she is strong and independent, and even though she never felt to belong, she is loyal to her pack and its leader. Until Bastien came along, and for the first time she felt safe, cared for, and in love. They fit together. Only Bastien has to loose his protective attitude, she is a parkranger, she can take care of her self, and of him if needs be.
Together, they are a great couple.

7,5 stars.

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