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Bertrice Small – Guilty Pleasures

The sixth book in the Channel series, published August 2011.

Guilty Pleasures

A steamy collection from Bertrice Small, who "creates cover-to-cover passion" (Publishers Weekly)

Carla, Tiffany, Nina, and J.P. have already gotten major play on The Channel, a secret, women-only interactive cable network. Now they'll carry out even more fantasies with a collection of seductive characters they would only meet in their dreams...

The women entangle themselves with pirates, sultans, regency rakes, and even movie stars. And then there's Maureen Flynn, new to The Channel. She's an au pair from Ireland whose fantasy of choice is with a brawny Celtic warrior. Will he turn her on to The Channel like those that came before her?

I didn’t know that this book contains 5 short stories, instead of one whole story. But I did enjoy all 5 of them nonetheless. It was fun revisiting with the previous characters, and meeting some new ones. And as this is an erotica novel, I am not going to summarize it for you, I would blush way too much. Let me just tell you: it is hot.

But the story line is this: suppose there is a television channel just for woman, called The Channel. It works from 8 p.m. till 4 a.m. giving women all over the world to live out their (sexual) fantasies. You can look however you want, be young and gorgeous, and have sex with everyone you can imagine, and how you want it. And it is perfectly safe. You can’t get really hurt, or pregnant, or ill. And when the Channel closes at 4 a.m., the fantasy ends and you are back safely (and sated) in your own bed. No danger of someone walking in on you, they would only see some static on the t.v.. And it is just a fantasy, so you are not really cheating on your husband or boyfriend.
Of course, the Channel is run by the master of temptation himself …

I love Bertrice Small her writing style, and her strong characters. I love how she doesn’t try to get the message across there is nothing better for a woman to want than love, marriage and children. Because for some of us, that is just not true. The story is about some older women too, and how love can find you again, sometimes just your own husband, sometimes a new one.

I don't normally read erotica, but I make an exception for Bertrice Small. From all the authors I read, she is my most favourite one. And I have to admit, most of her historical romances are hotter than some erotic stories I have read!

9,5 stars

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  1. You know, I might try this author when I have an opportunity after such a review! Great blog and welcome from your new follower! YOu got to me with your B. Cartland comment!

  2. Hi Anachronist, I have seen you around on Blodeuedd's blog, welcome here. And welcome as my 20th follower! I hope you enjoy my Barbara Cartland reviews, and some other historical romance books, if you like those.

  3. Sounds steamy, I do not read much erotica either (even if bf does not believe me, lol)

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  5. I used to read Bertrice Small back in the day. If I were to start reading steamy romance again, she'd be the one I'd go back to.

    I like what you said about how she doesn't write the HEA as being getting married and having children. That's indeed not for everyone. Very cool that she's still writing and writing well loved books.

  6. @Blodeuedd - the writing is just so good, the hot and steamy totally fits.
    @Vickie - i am very glad Bertrice Small still writes, next month there will be a new Highlander romance out, and I will devour it at once. Fun to find out you read her too, and I am sure you will still like her writing style if you pick one up.