donderdag 1 december 2011

New additions to my addiction

Sparks, Kerrelyn - Be Still my Vampire Heart
McKenna, Shannon - Ultimate Weapon
McKenna, Shannon - Behind Closed Doors
McKenna, Shannon - Extreme Danger
McKenna, Shannon - Standing in The Shadows
McKenna, Shannon - Edge of Midnight
Naughton, Elisabeth - Stolen Fury
Rice, Patricia - Mystic Guardian
Rice, Patricia - Mystic Rider
Guhrke, Laura Lee - The Marriage Bed
Guhrke, Laura Lee - The Wicked Ways of a Duke
Heath, Lorraine - Just Wicked Enough
Joyce, Brenda - The Fires of Paradise
Logan, Kimberly - Seduced by Sin
Logan, Kimberly - The Devil's Temptation
Stobie Piel – Strange Brews
Amanda Ashley – The Captive
Robin T. Popp – Tempted in the night
Kelley Armstrong – Stolen
Kelley Armstrong – Bitten
Christine Warren - Howl at the moon
Christine Warren – The demon you know
Christine Warren – She’s no Faery princess
T.A. Pratt – Poison Sleep
T.A. Pratt – Blood Engines
Cindy Gerard – Over the Line

I have to admit to being very disappointed. I bought those second hand. And half of those books, are plastified! The seller did not mention that, nor the fact that some of those books are Trade Size. I hate the sight and feel of the plastic. Put them at the back of my top shelf immediately.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I had to put some on one of my books cos the spine was broken, but that was just on the back, so feel for ya

  2. The seller should have mentioned that for sure. I think you need to talk to him/her or at least write an e-mail. I hate plastics!

  3. I'm surprised that it wasn't mentioned. That is a big thing. I still hope they are enjoyable.

  4. I hate it when sellers don't mention that or if they were library books before hand. It looks like you got some good titles though!