dinsdag 20 december 2011

New additions to my addiction

Last week I received: Marjorie M. Liu - Within the flames, love that cover!
Today I received a signed book by Carolyn Crane - Mind Games, and a set of trading cards. Love it!

On another topic, I just noticed that my new posts since I updated to the new blogger, are ugly. Unreadable. No more spaces, everything just typed after the next sentence. Any idea how I can remedy that? Cause I type in Word, and then copy it into my blog. And in Word, everything is neatly spaced.

Edit: I found the cure! In options, there was something strange enabled, and I changed that to: Use Enter for end of the line.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. You can hit the Tx in blogger, then reset the margins. Only way I know. :)

    I still need to read a Liu book. I've read several of her shorts and I love them.

  2. I do not use word since it screws with the html. But I can sometimes first use word, but then I paste it onto wordpad/notepad to make the code go away