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Gini Koch – Touched by an Alien

The first book in the Katherine "Kitty" Katt series, published April 2010.

Touched by an Alien

It was just another day in Arizona – and then the monster showed up…

Marketing manager Katherine “Kitty” Katt had just finished a day on jury duty. When she stepped out of the Pueblo Caliente courthouse, all she was thinking about was the work she had to get caught up on. Then her attention was caught by a fight between a couple – a domestic dispute that looked like it was about to turn ugly. But ugly didn’t even begin to cover it when the “man” suddenly transformed into a huge, winged monster right out of a grade Z science fiction movie and went on a deadly killing spree. In hindsight, Kitty realized she probably should have panicked and run screaming the way everyone around her was doing. Instead she got mad, searched her purse for a weapon, and, armed with a Mont Blanc pen, sprinted into action to take down the alien.
In the middle of all the screeching and the ensuing chaos, a tall handsome hunk of a guy in an Armani suit suddenly appeared beside her, examined the body, introduced himself as Jeff Martini with “the agency”, called out to an Armani-clad colleague to perform crowd control and then insisted on leading her to a nearby limo to talk to his “boss”.
And that was how Kitty’s new life among the aliens began…

Kitty Katt just finished her jury duty, and is ready to head back to the office, when she notices a fender bender turning into something much worse! Apparently, it was a man who rammed his wife’s car, and now he is yelling at her something fierce. Of course Kitty does not want anything to do with a domestic dispute, but then something strange happens. The man grows some wings suddenly, and knifes are flying out of them instead of feathers. Instantly killing his wife and lots of innocent bystanders with them. Kitty does not even think about hiding behind a car, she just grabs in her big handbag, looking for something to use as a weapon. The creature’s back is turned towards her, and there is some jellyfish like thing between the wings. And without thinking, she plunges her Mont Blanc pen in the middle of the thing, instantly killing it, and the creature.

Before the adrenaline has a chance to back down, a very handsome stranger is with her, checking her out, and the alien. Kitty is glad she can have her pen back, as it was a gift from her father, and she cherishes it. Jeff Martini asks her to come with him, to be debriefed about what happened, some one else will take care of her car for her. As she agrees, and is taken away, Kitty has no idea what is about to happen to her life. She learns things about her world, and most importantly, about her parents, that astonish her. But she keeps a cool head through it all.

And I really, really want to tell more of the story, but you just have to discover it for yourselves, as those surprises and twists and turns should not be spoiled for you! I never saw any of them coming.

I totally blame or thank Blodeuedd for recommending this series to me. But I was suspecting something very different from what I got in my hands. I enjoyed it nonetheless. And I will for sure read the rest of the series!

I loved Kitty. She never backed down, she took charge, she acted. She was told lots of things, credible things, and she looked through them all, down to the real and hard truth. And she did not flinch, action was needed, and she was there, in the thick of it. Finding solutions. Two men fell for her, but I too would choose the man who liked me, helped me, saved above the man who snarked and glared and put me down whenever he could.
I loved Kitty’s mother, she sure has The Power! And I could really see her father in my mind’s eye. Outward, a bit of a distracted professor, but in reality … something more.
And then there is Jeff Martini. He wants to marry Kitty within minutes of meeting, which would freak me out bigtime. But she just shrugs it off, but she likes how he handles her, and wants to have her close. Well, he is drop dead gorgeous after all. I like him, but he really needs to stop doubting Kitty. And then there is Christopher. Sorry, but I could not like him. You don’t show a woman you are interested in, in that manner! Not sure I will ever fall for him. The other main secondary characters like Reader are so well made and real too.

I like the world, and even though Kitty fought some things that will be giving me nightmares in the very near future, I could not stop reading or skip that piece. I had to know what happened and what would happen next.

The book is very fast paced, a lot of info is thrown at Kitty and at the reader of the book at the same time. But when I believed it all point blank, Kitty did not and figured out the truth. Within 2 days of knowing them. Talk about being smart! I do not share her taste in music, but how she used it was soooo cool! I think my boyfriend will know all those songs.
The love scenes between Kitty and Jeff are smoking hot, but with all the action, there is not much time for that, just enough.

It has been a long time since I read any sci-fi like this. The technology is way above my head, but I did not enjoy the story any less. Luckily, I don’t have to wait for the next book in the series, as I have an autographed copy waiting for me already.

9 stars.

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  1. Yes put the blame on me ;) Hihi, I am glad you enjoyed it even if it was different from what you expected, But then her books can be explained

  2. OH MAN! Yes, I so want this series. I don't mind sci-fi so that was never an issue for me, but for those that don't often read it to love it. Yes, I needs them all! :)

  3. Blodeuedd and Melissa up there have both recommended this series to me, and now I have to add your stellar review to the list of reasons why I should read it!

    Looking forward to those smoking hot scenes.

  4. @Blodeuedd: who else do I have to blame? Lol. But I did expect something more hilarious, constant fun. I did not expect so much action and suspense and fighting. It was a good mix of everything.
    @Melissa: The last sci-fi I read was by Anne McCaffrey. She was such a great author.
    @Missie: I hope you will like it when you start it, but there are so many books on your must read already!