zaterdag 14 januari 2012

New additions to my addiction

Friday I received two lovely books from Bookdepository:

- Melissa Mayhue - Warriors Redemption
- Marjorie M. Liu - The Mortal Bone.

Looking forward to reading them.

Today Pearl and Leontine visited, and I bought some lovely books from Pearl:

Gini Koch - Touched by an Alien
Anne Aguirre- Grimspace; Wanderlust; Doubleblind
Jeaniene Frost - At Grave’s End; Destined for an Early Grave; One foot in the Grave
Leslie LaFoy - The perfect temptation
Jessica Andersen - Dawnkeepers; Nightkeepers
Ilona Andrews - On the Edge
Katie MacAlister - Love in the time of dragons
Mary Balogh - A secret affair
Jo Goodman - Everything I ever wanted
Julia London - The book of scandal; The dangers of deceiving a Viscount; The perils of pursuing a prince
Suzanne Enoch - Always a Scoundrel
Gaelen Foley - Her every pleasure
Madeline Hunter - Ravishing in Red
Samantha James - The secret passion of Simon Blackwell; His wicked promise
Nina Bangs - Eternal Craving; Wicked Fantasy; Wicked Nights
Jillian Hunter - Delight
Jade Lee - Dragonborn

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like you'll have plenty of books to choose from! I only know two of them, On the Edge by Ilona Andrews (really awesome book) and Marjorie M. Liu's The Mortal Bone (another great one). By the way, have you finished re-reading Anne Bishop? I often re-read her books, as I just love the characters and the worlds she has created! Enjoy these books!

  2. You can never have enough Jeaniene Frost on your list! JS!

    Happy Reading. :)

  3. Oh, so many! This makes me want to go shopping. :)

    Beth ^_^

  4. Thanks ladies :) I am looking forward to reading them. And Miriam, yes, I have finished re-reading Anne Bishop again. Have been immersed in her world for a week now. The books never get boring.

  5. Oh so many good books! I hope you enjoy On the Edge by Ilona Andrews. I don't read much urban fantasy these days but her books are always must-reads for me.