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Gini Koch – Alien Proliferation

The fourth book in the Katherine "Kitty" Katt series, published December 6, 2011.

Alien Proliferation

After the wildest wedding ever, Katherine “Kitty” Katt-Martini and her Alpha Centaurion husband Jeff are hoping life will settle down. But alien attacks are on the increase, and someone is testing a dangerous new drug on unwilling subjects within their group. As if that’s not enough, Kitty and a number of the A-C women are expecting their first babies.
No one is certain what this baby boom will lead to, but after almost losing Kitty in childbirth, they discover that their newborn’s talents are off the charts – and potentially dangerous. And just to add to their worries – the bad guys want their baby.
The last thing anyone in Centaurion Division needs after that is a conspiracy to kill the heads of the C.I.A.’s Extra-Terrestrial Division and the Presidential Terrorism Control Unit, otherwise known as Charles Reynolds and Kitty’s mother, Angela.
Then, suddenly key members of Alpha and Airborne start vanishing. Can Kitty, her remaining team members, friends old and new, and a totally unsuspected new partner rescue everyone and figure out how and why Kitty’s become a superhuman? Most importantly, can they pull it all off before the even Kitty dreads most – her Alpha Centaurion baby shower?

Kitty is very pregnant when this book starts, and feeling ugly, even though Jeff keeps reassuring her that she is beautiful and that he loves her and wants her. As bas as they were at planning their own wedding, they are even worse at picking out baby stuff. They cannot agree on anything. So when Kitty wakes up in the middle of the night, and cannot get back to sleep, they start browsing some more catalogues.
Then one of Kitty’s old school friends calls in a panic from Paris, that there are murderers after her. Jeff and Christopher set out at once to rescue her. And then for some reason, Kitty gets scared, and there is a creepy knocking on the door to her room. In Alpha Centaurion custody, no one knocks on her door, they all know she cannot get there to open it anyway. So who is knocking in the middle of the night? When security and Gladys also cannot help, and all the other friends hear the same knocking on their doors, there is James to the rescue. Braving the unseen dangers in the hallways and running towards Kitty. He didn’t see anyone or anything, but Kitty is so happy that he is there!
When the commotion is over, and all the members of security are found in their own rooms, asleep, with no memory how they got there, Jeff comes back, being his usual jealous self over Reader. Jeff felt Kitties terror while he was in Paris, but he could not abandon the mission to go back to her immediately. No matter he is gay, Jeff knows how much Kitty loves him, as a friend, but the man is gorgeous, for a human.

And then Kitty goes into early labor, and Jeff gets in total panicmode, having no idea what to do anymore. Tito tries to keep everyone out of the delivery room, but that is impossible. Not only Jeff and Christopher and Reader and her parents are there, the whole team of Airborne and Alpha is there. And when their little baby girl Jamie is born, she is way more powerful than anyone could ever have imagined. She will need all the help ACE, Jeff and Christopher can give her, to shield her from the emotions and thoughts of others.

Finally, Kitty sees Amy again, and asks her what happens, why she was chased and almost abducted by 20 men. Amy tells Kitty what she knows, even though it doesn’t make much sense to her, the whole division gets in lockdown. She was loaned by the company she works for to some other company they did business with, to sort out some environmental problems, and from that firm went to another and another, until she was sure, her own firm didn’t even know the firm she was working for at the moment. Accidentally, she overheard some talk about killing people she did not know, nor the agencies they work for, the acronyms where unknown to Amy, but she knew it was dangerous and she made a run for it. Apparently some old agent had given her a phone number to use if she ever got in trouble, and that was how she reached Kitty. As it so happens, the terrorists are after Kitty’s mother, Chuckie and some other people important in the anti-terrorist world. They go into lockdown immediately, pulling everyone even remotely in danger in. The ugly head of the Al Jhazeer terrorist agency is popping up again, even though Kitty killed their boss in the first book.
Not everyone is happy with the lockdown, especially this close to Christmas, and as nothing further happens, people get restless.

To her own astonishment, Kitty heals superfast from her pregnancy. She is turning into a superhuman, with her own sets of superpowers. The drug the bad people gave Jeff last year that altered him, has affected not only their baby, but also Kitty. And as the comic geek she is, she is totally cool with that!

As usual in this great series, a lot happens at the same time, multiple conspiracy complots are unravelled, mostly thanks to Kitty’s insight. With the help of her unsuspected new partner, Kitty saves the day; and Jeff and all the others of Alpha and Airborne team. But not without losses, which she totally regrets.

I like Kitty more and more. I totally do not share her taste in music, but it is fun how it is used in those books. Kitty is just a great character, she was hoping for some quiet new mom time, but the world needs rescuing again. Not from aliens this time, but from some old enemies. This time they have gone too far, and won’t get any mercy.
Then there is her husband Jeff. I still don’t like him very much, his excessive and totally unfounded jealousy (which Kitty seem to like) is really bothering me. Christopher has a big surprise waiting for him in this book, which I really liked. But for me, I still like Chuckie best. He is so smart, and always there for Kitty. He loves baiting Jeff, but sometimes they go too far and Kitty has to intervene.
The plot was again not something I could ever have figured out on my own, or could have thought up. Gini Koch is a great storyteller, the book has lots of surprises, twists and action. But due to their new baby sleeping with them, and all the action, not a lot of love scenes for Kitty and Jeff in this one, but the few that are there, are very hot.
I like it, a lot, and heartily recommend this series to everyone who likes a feisty, witty heroine, and a great cast of secondary characters. They just grow on you.

9 stars.

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  1. Tsk, you not liking Jeff. I want Martini, I love love him, so I will take him and you can get Chuckie ;) Perfect!

  2. She likes that he is jealous? Weird.

    I still have yet to start this series, but based on all the great things I keep hearing about it, I think that I should. :)