zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Stephanie Laurens – The wedding planner

This is a short story, published only as e-book before, and now added as an extra in the back of the Capture of the Earl of Glencrae. Originally part of an anthology named Royal Weddings, published April 5, 2011. It is only 85 pages.

Meg is asked to help plan the wedding between Juliette the Rochier and Prince Robert the Bourbon. They never expected the Bourbons to regain the throne of France from Napoleon, so now it has changed from a normal wedding between two young people in love to a royal wedding. And Meg has a lot of experience in planning weddings. First her sisters and her cousins, but never her own, as her fiancé died fighting at Waterloo.
She has little choice but to agree, and the task will not be easy. She knows her way around the British peerage, but not so much the French intricacies. Luckily, she will be getting some help. Gaston, who used to be penniless and landless, has been restored to be the Duc the Perigord, and when he finally found out she never married, is intent of claiming her as his wife. He really needs her by his side. When they first met, she was already engaged to a good man, and he had no inclination to come between them, even though the physical attraction between them was startling.
He will have to convince Meg to give them a chance though, she likes being in charge, and he will not be so easily led.

Hero: Gaston, Duc the Perigord
Heroine: Meg, Lady Margaret Dawlish
Secondary characters: her sister, and the bride-to-be and her mother
Romance: nice
Plot: Gaston wanting Meg for his bride, and plotting to be together with her, enchanting her.
Heat-level: nice, but no love scenes, just attraction
Writingstyle: good
Summary: a really nice and sweet short story, well worth the reading time.

7 stars

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