woensdag 2 mei 2012

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

Tuesday, May 1, I received:
Lyn Benedict – Sins and Shadows

Wednesday was a very happy mail day.

First was an envelope filled with bookmarks and some signed stickers to put in the books, by Lorraine Bartlett and her aliases. I so love bookmarks.

The second was a signed book: Crystalfire by Kate Douglas, which I won at Novel Reflections blog. Added was a lovely coverflat of the series, and a postcard with all of her (erotic) books, all signed. Thank you Kate!

Third package contained four secondhand books I bought last week. And I am happy with those books, and I hate them: they are looking brandnew and shiny, but they have been coated with plastic. I hate the feel of that in my hands.
Kim Lenox – Night falls darkly
Allyson James – The Black Dragon; The Dragon Master; Dragon Heat.
I love Jennifer Ashley/Allyson James other series, so I hope to enjoy those Dragons as well.

The fourth package contained:

MaryJanice Davidson - Undead and Unwelcome
MaryJanice Davidson - Undead and Unreturnable
Madelyn Alt - The Trouble with Magic
Victoria Laurie - What’s a Ghoul to Do?
Julie Kenner – Aphrodite’s Passion
Julie Kenner – Aphrodite’s Secret
Julie Kenner – Aphrodite’s Kiss
Kathy Love – Fangs for the Memories

The fifth package:
Rosemary Stevens - Death on a Silver Tray
Emma Lathen - Brewing Up A Storm
Dorothy L. Sayers - The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
Dorothy L.Sayers - Gaudy Night
Kat Goldring - All Signs Point to Murder

And the sixth package:
Jim Butcher – Storm Front
Jim Butcher – Fool Moon
Michelle Rowen – Smitten and Bitten
Michelle Rowen – Fanged and Fabulous
Michelle Rowen – Lady & The Vamp
Michelle Rowen – Stakes & Stilettos
Rachel Vincent – Blood Bound
Jamie Leigh Hansen – Betrayed
Stacey Jay – Dead on the Delta
Katie MacAlister – Holy Smokes
Katie MacAlister – Light my Fire
Katie MacAlister – You slay me
Katie MacAlister – Playing with fire
Katie MacAlister – Up in Smoke
Katie MacAlister – Steamed
Katie MacAlister – Hard Day’s Knight
Katie MacAlister – Fire me up
Jocelyn Drake – Nightwalker
Jocelyn Drake – Dayhunter
Jocelyn Drake – Dawnbreaker
Jocelyn Drake – Pray for Dawn
Jocelyn Drake – Wait for dusk

So, happy book- and swagday to me : ).

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear lawd, Aurian!! That's almost an O.D. on books for a book addict ;) Are most of 'em new or used books? Enjoy them all and I'm so gonna check out Julie Kenner's books...the titles inteogue me!

  2. *Drools* That's a ton of books!!

    Beth ^_^

  3. Awesome haul! Now you just have to find the time to read them all!

  4. Wauw, congrats! I'm envious at such a great haul. Happy reading!

  5. DUDE! I am so coming to raid your book stash!

    Seriously that is an awesome haul and saw on twitter you got one more today :)

    You have a book fairy-godmother don't you?

  6. Wow, Woman! I was waiting to read, In the seventh package was a Black Dagger Brotherhood cover model.


    Hey, it could happen. :)

  7. @Leontine: most of those are from Marktplaats :) sometimes I just let go and buy buy buy
    @ Beth: Thanks !
    @ Stéphanie: Yes, I wish I could take a sabbatical from work or so, but helas, I need the money
    @Maia: I did look out for you as well ;)
    @Mirjam: Thanks!
    @Felicia: You are so welcome to come to Holland and read my books!
    @Missie: Lol, that would have been awesome.