woensdag 30 mei 2012

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

Tuesday I received three more books from Bookdepository:

Laurell K. Hamilton – Hit List
Katharine Kerr – License to Ensorcell
Katharine Kerr – Apocalypse to Go

While on my vacation in Berlin, sightseeing and visiting the Love Letter Convention, I received two more books:
Sally MacKenzie – Bedding Lord Ned
Cherry Adair – Vortex

And at the Convention I got some more books from the authors personally, and of course they are signed (as well as the books I brought with me):

Michelly Styles – Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife
Michelle Styles – Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife
Maya Banks – Hidden Away
Maya Banks – Whispers in the Dark
Maya Banks – No place to Run
Maya Banks – Never Love a Highlander
Maya Banks – Seduction of a Highland Lass
Maya Banks – In bed with a Highlander

Of course I could not resist some free German books and have them signed by the authors:
Maya Banks – Im Bett mit einem Highlander
Bella Andre – Schatten der Vergangenheit
Michelle Raven – Ghostwalker, Fluch der Wahrheit
Margaret Moore – Der kuss des Feindes / Michelle Styles – Zwischen Vernuft und verlangen

I did notice something strange about the German books though. I like to stack my books, and you can read the spine of the English books if you stack them face up. To be able to read the German spines, you have to stack them face down! I do prefer looking at the cover of my book German Publisher!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. You will love Maya Banks (or at least the ones you picked up)! I loved the Highlander series!

  2. I never got the weird German spine thing, so freaky

  3. @Sabrina: I hate putting books face down!
    @Felicia: Maya Banks is such a nice lady, so fun! I loved her first KGI book a lot, so looking forward to reading more, perhaps even a Colter book!
    @Blodeuedd: Time to start a campaign to change that :) next year in Berlin!