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Kevin Hearne – Two ravens and a crow

A novella, 4,5 in the Iron Druid Chronicles series, published September 4, 2012.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: the words are too big and he is unarmed in this story.

Two Ravens one crow

Atticus O'Sullivan is back in an all-new, action-packed, laugh-out-loud novella from the author of The Iron Druid Chronicles. Two-thousand-year-old Atticus may have outwitted and outfought everyone from Odin to Bacchus, but in this eBook original, he's about to discover what comes around when you go around messing with gods.

Six years into the training of his beautiful apprentice, Granuaile, a large crow swoops down and transforms into none other than the Morrigan, a goddess who insists that Atticus come with her at once. He must leave his apprentice behind, along with his Irish wolfhound, Oberon - and he must also leave his sword. The Morrigan has always taken extreme pleasure in pronouncing the Druid's mortal danger and imminent doom, so the fact that she won't reveal the purpose of their journey makes him very nervous. Of course, any time the Celtic Chooser of the Slain drops in unannounced, it's never good. When she does let slip that she'll be saving his life in the near future, Atticus is left to wonder . . . will he soon be giving his legions of enemies something to crow about?

This is a really short story, and I enjoyed revisiting the series while waiting for book 5. The Morrigan comes to take Atticus home with her, to remake his healing tattoo, which will take a few days. And I really have my suspicions on some of the magic in that room, I will be curious to find out if I am right.
After that, the Morrigan has arranged for a meeting with some of the Celtic Gods who hate him for slaying Thor and so many of them. They come to some sort of agreement as blood price, but then someone tries to kill Atticus with a sniper rifle.

Very short story, but a nice peek in the new lives of Atticus and Granuaile and Oberon, 6 years after the previous book ended. I still love Oberon, he is so smart and cute.
I am looking forward to the next full length book, and what else can I say but: read those books!

7,5 stars

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8 opmerkingen:

  1. I love when the Morrigan sweeps in---she is always telling Atticus that he is going to die or be in really big danger. He does have a knack for getting into trouble though so she isn't far off most of the time LOL

    1. Hi Felicia, I also like her scenes in the book. She is there for Atticus, but not how he would have thought.

  2. I have only read the first one but have the next 2 on my tbr. Looks like I'll be adding this one as well as the last novel published. Oberon rocks! :D

    1. Hi Melissa, you really should continue reading the series. It is original and fast paced.

  3. I loved it also. Can't wait for book five.
    One minor quibble with the review. He didn't meet Celtic, but Norse gods.
    You know my real name so you know why I say this and why I smiled when the sniper was revealed.

  4. You know I have the first book but I really need to try it!