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J.F. Lewis – A Void City Halloween

A free e-novella on the author’s blog, published originally in 2012. This story fits in between book 2 and 3.
No cover, sorry.

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As his daughter Greta loves to go trick and treating on Halloween, Eric has no choice but to give in and wear the costume she wants him to wear. Almost no one will know who he is supposed to be, in his red space uniform and silver boots, as the tv series is almost forgotten by know. Eric is Mork, and Greta is Mindy. His wife Tabitha is dressed as Wonder Woman, Eric’s favourite super hero, and Talbot is his usual handsome self as a Man in Black.

Just before they can start their game of finding people dressed as characters they pick, so they can eat them, Eric is distracted by the screams of a young kid. And not the happy screams you are supposed to hear on Halloween, those are terrified. Eric has a weakness for kids, and he will never attack them or feed from them. Of course, their parents is another story. Some strange magical hobgoblins are attacking children, and there are more and more popping up. So Eric calls for a time out and he and Greta start the counter attack. Greta is delighted, she loves fighting more than anything except her daddy. And those floating pumpkins should be easy enough to defeat. Tabitha is ordered to call for backup, her witchy sister Rachel, and Eric’s personal wizard Magbidion. Rachel just laughs at Tabitha and hangs up, but Magbidion understands what is happening and will come as fast as he can.

Someone is behind those magical attacks, and they have to find out who and why!

I enjoyed this short story a lot. I do remember the old tv series Mork and Mindy, and I loved watching it as a child. So I did understand the references. The banter about Wonder Woman is fun too, and of course Greta in action is a sight to behold. She loves to kill and hunt, so she is in her element.

You could try this free short story to see if you like the writing style and characters. Here is a link

8 stars.

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