dinsdag 31 december 2013

Looking back at a bookish 2013.

I have read some amazing books in 2013, and discovered some new to me series and authors I fell wholeheartedly in love with. In 2012 I read 233 books and 17 short stories/novella’s, in 2013 I read 268 books and 17 short stories/novella’s. I really thought it would be less than last year, but I read 35 books more! I am very happy with this score, and don’t plan on adding up how many books I have bought in 2013 …

The books I loved the most in 2013, and now I just scroll through my list of reviews looking for those 10 star reviews (or higher) and not counting the re-reads is amazing. Here it is, in reading order:

Suzanne Johnson – River Road
 photo n402051_zps996551e0.jpg

Alyssa Day – Heart of Atlantis
 photo n383904_zps58e2e91e.jpg

Ellery Adams – Peach Pies and Alibis
 photo n403113_zps0cc45e7f.jpg

Sierra Dean – Grave Secret
 photo n420545_zps4b084ec6.jpg

Anne Bishop – Written in Red
 photo n403200_zps4b02abe0.jpg

Jenn Bennett – Binding the Shadows
 photo n416716_zpsc7ca111a.jpg

Leann Sweeney –The Cat, the Mill and the Murder
 photo n403331_zps4325d486.jpg

Nalini Singh – Heart of Obsidian
 photo n425539_zpsb320ecd3.jpg

Laurell K. Hamilton – Affliction
 photo n410590_zps3e03fa28.jpg

Jean Johnson – Hellfire
 photo n414074_zpsd55d6684.jpg

Ilona Andrews – Magic rises
 photo n413548_zps4e0d1d98.jpg

Heather Webber – Perfectly Matched
 photo n403385_zpsafc883f7.jpg

Faith Hunter – Jane Yellowrock series almost all 10 star reviews.
 photo n383903_zps3eafba96.jpg

J.D. Robb – Taken in Death
 photo w486364_zps373d4f5b.jpg

Sierra Dean – Secret Unleashed
 photo n442329_zpsc2578db6.jpg

Jenn Bennett – Bitter Spirits
 photo n438511_zps085859ef.jpg

Thea Harrison – Kinked
 photo n425536_zpsfcea4dbc.jpg

Nora Roberts – Bed of roses
 photo n310225_zpse976351d.jpg

Gini Koch – Alien Research
 photo w348695_zps6b669cdb.jpg

If I have to choose from all those books, which book I loved the most, without hesitation, as I have already read it 5 times: Written in Red by Anne Bishop. This also means that the book I am most highly anticipating for next year, is the second book in this new series, Murder of Crows. And second place is for Damnation by Jean Johnson, the fourth and perhaps final book in the Theirs not to reason why series.
Of course I always long for new books by my favourite authors! And the more authors on my autobuy list, the more books to read each year.

I have also compiled a list of new authors I discovered this year and who have landed firmly on my autobuy list. It is a nice mix of paranormal and cozy mystery authors. I don’t think I have tried new historical romance authors this year at all.

Faith Hunter
Julie Hyzy
Heather Webber
Amanda Bonilla
Cecy Robson
Dakota Banks
Duffy Brown
Erin McCarthy
J.F. Lewis, although I am not sure about his series other than Void City
Lucy Arlington
Susannah Sandlin

And last but certainly not least, I am very happy with the contributions of three of my bookish friends, Maia, Karin and Peggy, who add their monthly recommendations to my blog. Thank you for your efforts ladies, and I do hope you will keep doing this in 2014. I do enjoy your posts, and I hope many of my readers do as well.

© 2013 Reviews by Aurian

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  1. I second practically every UF / PNR title on your list except the ones I haven't read, speaking of which... I need to start Suzanne Johnson's series!

    1. Hi Carmel, yes I do love Suzanne Johnson's series a lot!

  2. Wow! You read a lot this year.
    And I'm looking forward to my preordered paperback version of Written in Red.

    1. If it gets read as often as I have read the ebook, I will need multiple copies ...

  3. I have Bitter Spirits to read for January and I love the River Road series!!

    1. Bitter Spirits is amazing Kimba, I hope you will love it.

  4. I hope I will love written as much as you did :D

  5. Oh I love your list! Those that I haven't read are on my wishlist!

    Have a happy booking new year! :D

    1. Thanks Melissa, I wish you many great reads for 2014 as well. And yes, our never ending wishlists will only get longer ...

  6. Just have 2 of your books on my favorites list but still it's a great one! Happy New Year!

  7. yay! many wonderful books and many are on my list too! I need to read the others though. great choice! Happy New Year darling!

    1. We sure read a lot alike Melliane! Happy 2014 to you as well!

  8. If you ever read them I hope you will love them as much as I did Felicia!

  9. Great list! Apparently I am missing out by not having read Jean Johnson. Must check that out! :)