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Celia Breslin – Vampire Code

A short novella, a prequel to Heaven, published October 5, 2013.
Genre: paranormal romance
Cover: dark

Vampire Code photo vampirecodeecover_zpsd3d351ab.jpg

When a naughty newbie vampire injures Carina, it’s left to her mentor and protector Jonas The Executioner to punish the offender and his maker.
Code Breakers beware.

It is very short, about 21 pages according to Amazon. A vampire princess is hurt by a newby vampire, and the Executioner punishes him for that, and his maker. The woman in question is referred to as the Princess, and she must be protected at all costs. She also doesn’t know, or know anymore, about the vampires existence.

I have won this short story on a blog, otherwise I would not have read it. It is dark, it is very violent. I don’t like the gay sex references, so I won’t be reading the first full length book in the series. I think if you do like gay romance, this might be refreshing but I think it will be darker than most paranormal romances.
The writing style is graphic and direct, and paints an unpleasant but clear picture of what is happening.

No rating as it is too short for that.

I won this book on a blog

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8 opmerkingen:

  1. MM can be very sweet. I don't know if I would like it for the 21p. Too short!

  2. I was surprise by the cover but I understand now that I know it's a novella. I'm curious to see how is a full novel.

  3. Hmm don't think it's for me but I know a couple ladies who would probably like it.