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Christina Skye - Enchantment

The first story in the Draycott Abbey series, published in 1991.
Genre: paranormal romantic suspense
Cover: warm

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The search for a priceless painting drew Kacey Mallory to Draycott Abbey--the lure of white-hot passion holds her there. Could enigmatic Lord Draycott guard the key to her past...and the promise of her future?

Twohundred years ago, two Draycott brothers fought over the same woman, and she was torn between them. She tried to run away, but one of them followed her, and they both died when a part of the cliffs collapsed. Now Adrian, Viscount Draycott, is still haunting and guarding his beloved Abbey still. When the bell tolls thirteen times instead of twelve, he will be wandering the battlements with his gray cat Gideon at his side …

Nicholas Draycott, the current Viscount, will have a chance to right the things that went wrong in the past, and in his own childhood when his brother died, but only one chance! Nicholas has escaped captivity and torture in Thailand by one of the worst criminals ever, and now his henchman are convinced he stole something valuable from him, and are after Nicholas again. He is getting threats on the phone, and two valuable paintings have been stolen from the gate house. And now a possible unknown Whistler has been discovered in the attic, it needs to be authenticated. But when the art appraiser shows up, Nicholas thinks she is just another nosy journalist and intends to teach her a lesson, by acting as if she is the escort he ordered …

His plan backfires though, and he will have to eat some crow to have Kasey agree to stay and work on his painting. He knows she will be in danger from the thugs while she is staying, but thinks he can protect her.

Kasey has never felt about a building before, like she is feeling for Draycott Abbey, she feels like she is finally come home. Everything is kind of familiar, and she gets visions of living her before, of danger and heartache. Just like Nicholas is having, he knows Kasey, and he won’t let her walk out of his life again… Neither will the Ghost, and if these two stubborn people need some help to acknowledge their feelings for each other, so be it …

I enjoyed this first story in the series, and was at first disappointed that Nicholas would have such a short one. After all, the Abbey and its inhabitants are the focus for the whole series. But I was satisfied in the end, and happy with their romance. Although I don’t always like it that they are destined to fall in love as they messed up in the past and meet again, reincarnated.

Kasey is not a pushover, and she gives Nicholas a very hard time on what he did. But she does want to authenticate the Whistler, it is her area of expertise and she is very exited about it. So if she has to put up with this blasted Lord for a while, so be it. She is an independent American, and the best at what she does. So he will have to deal with her on her terms. Nicholas is a real tortured hero, he dislikes being hounded by the press for what happened during his months of captivity, and he wants out of his life as a government agent. Of course he doesn’t want to tell them all about what happened there either. But he does need their help now the thugs are after him again. And to keep his woman safe, he will do whatever it takes.

I liked them together, but I do grow tired of the instant attraction trope a bit. Why should history repeat itself?

There is a lot of danger and intrigue in this series, but for me, the Ghost just steals the show.

7 stars.

The paperback is sadly out of print, but you can buy it expensively on Amazon, or as ebook on Amazon, here

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  1. Oh yes the instant attraction, sometimes it might work, sometimes not

  2. Instant attraction is not for me. Sorry.

  3. oh too bad for the ghosts. I don't think I know this series but now I'm curious I think I'll wait and see what you think of the others.

    1. It is very old, mostly out of print Melliane. Better look for something newer.

  4. I would not mind be grabbed by this ghost Felicia!

  5. Despite the instant attraction, some of these characters sound cool