dinsdag 10 juni 2014

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

My 9th new additions post for 2014. Some books have been read and reviewed already, and others are destined to gather dust for a while.

From Bookdepository:

Robin D. Owens – Heart Search. (The last one I still needed to buy. I love this book and series very much).
Jenn Bennett – Banishing The Dark (ARC Review was posted on the 28th of May)
Riley Adams – Finger Lickin’ Dead
Riley Adams – Hickory Smoked Homicide
Riley Adams – Rubbed out
Jill Archer – White heart of justice
Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris – Dawn’s Early Light
Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris – The Janus Affair
Jayne Castle – Desperate and Deceptive
Jayne Castle – Sinister and Fatal
Jocelyn Drake – Angel’s Ink
Jocelyn Drake – Bound to me
Jocelyn Drake – Burn the night
Kimberly Frost – All that Bleeds
Kimberly Frost – All that Falls
Kimberly Frost – Barely Bewitched
Kimberly Frost – Halfway Hexed
Kimberly Frost – Slightly Spellbound
Laura Kaye – East of ecstasy
Christine Feehan – Air Bound
Nora Roberts – The last boyfriend
Maggie Sefton – Close Knit Killer

Signed Books from the LoveLetter Convention Berlin:

Fiona Harper – The Ballerina Bride
Kelly Hunter – The trouble with Valentines
Kelly Hunter – Wish
Larissa Ione – Bound by Night
Sandra Schwab – The Bride Prize
Nalini Singh – Lord of the Abyss
Nancy Warren – Kiss a Girl in the Rain
Annie West – Rebel’s Bargain
Michelle Willingham – Unraveled by the Rebel (hmm my spellcheck says it should be Unravelled)
Michelle Willingham – Undone by the Duke
Michelle Willingham – To sin with a Viking

Secondhand books:
Bought at a bookfair for Charity, where they sold books for € 2,50 a kilo. So I picked up a few more ...
Catherine Alliott – The secret life of Evie Hamilton
Trudi Canavan – Last of the Wilds
Mary Daheim – Hocus Croakus
Mary Daheim – The Alpine Menace
Olivia Goldsmith – Bad Boy
Sophie Kinsella – The undomestic Goddess
Mercedes Lackey – The White Gryphon
Mercedes Lackey – The Black Gryphon
Mercedes Lackey – Storm Rising
Clare Naylor – Catching Alice
Jane Porter – Flirting with Forty (I have met Jane Porter in Berlin, so of course I had to buy this one)
Karen Robards – Justice

Swapped with Blodeuedd for new books:
Alex Archer - Rogue Angel – Destiny
Carolyn Brown – Red-hot chili cook-off
M.L. Buchman – Wait until Dark
M.L. Buchman – I own the Dawn
Grace Burrowes – Once upon a tartan
Molly Harper – Nice girls don’t date dead men
Molly Harper – Nice girls don’t have fangs
Marie Harte – The troublemaker next door
Kristan Higgins – All I ever wanted
Robin Kaye – Call me Wild
Robin Kaye – Yours for the taking
Bec McMaster - Kiss of Steel
Bec McMaster - My Lady Quicksilver
Bec McMaster - Heart of Iron
Christie Ridgway – Crush on you
Lee Roland – Viper Moon
Michelle Rowen – Nightshade
Michelle Summers – Find my way home

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  1. Wooow that are a lot of books!! And 2,50 a kilo??? Awesome!!!

  2. Wow! Sooner or later you have got to add more space to your home, I guess. Congrats, Aurian!

  3. Reacties
    1. Lol have a napkin Sullivan! And you will drool when you see what I have set apart for you ...

  4. Now I feel bad for adding to your addiction ;)

    1. Lol don't be Blodeuedd, you know I can't resist adding new books!

  5. Lol Felicia, it will take me some time to read them all!

  6. Ooo nice! I've got a few of those on my tbr pile :)

    1. Great Anna, perhaps we will read them at the same time.

  7. that's nice many new books! I'm curious to see what you think of the Frost books for the 2 series. Happy reading!

  8. You must live in a pretty big house with so many books :). I envy you!

    1. Lol, no Bridget, there is more room for my books than for me!

  9. Yowza! Nice stash. Some are familiar. I already started to read the first Jayne Castle book.

  10. Holy cow, Aurian. That's a LOT of books. I can't wait to hear what you think of the Jocelyn Drakes. I read and liked her other series, but I haven't read those yet (even though I have them, LOL--I'm a book hoarder!). Happy reading ;)

    1. I've read Bound to me Jessica, and I think I should have waited a bit with that one.

  11. Wow, just wow so many awesome authors Bennett, Higgins, Castle and more!