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Duffy Brown – Dead Man Walker

Book 3,5 in the Consignment Shop Mystery series, published February 3, 2015.
Genre: cozy mystery
Cover: fun

Dead Man Walker photo 61K3uc6lvSL.SX316_zpskzc3k0yq.jpg

It's springtime in Savannah, the azaleas and magnolias are in bloom, and Reagan Summerside's consignment shop, the Prissy Fox, is bustling with customers out to enjoy the beautiful weather. On a day like today, what could go wrong?
As a mortician beautician and housekeeper, Mercedes is no stranger to corpses or messy bathrooms. But the last thing she expects to find in a client's bathtub is a dead body! Now she's a murder suspect and it seems like her life is going down the drain. She turns to local lawyer Walker Boone to get her out of hot water.
But Walker has his own surprising connections to the dead man in the tub, and now he needs Reagan's help to clear his own name - and keep him alive...

If you enjoy the Consignment Shop Mystery series, this is a novella you don’t want to miss reading. It is written from Walker Boone’s point of view and gives a good insight in his life and his feelings for Reagan. It was very much fun to read, and I was disappointed that it ended so soon. But I have book 4 lined up and ready to dive into.
Of course Reagan and her aunt Kiki play a part in this book, as does Boone’s 17th street gang brother.

There were a lot of motives to kill the victim, but who did it? That mystery is not solved at all in this story, but Boone’s life is certainly upside down. I do wonder what will happen next.

7 stars.

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  1. I just read a cozy and this one sounds on par with this one but at least that mystery was solved. Hm... I do think I have to check out the series. Love that cover.

    1. The series is very much fun Melissa, but you need this novella and the next book to have 1 complete story.

  2. I have read book 4, and this is actually the first few chapters in the next book.

  3. Thanks, Aurian, for the terrific review of Dead Man. It’s really a novella to get readers more acquainted with Walker Boone. He is out man of mystery in the series and we don’t know all that much about him…till now. You do not have to read Dead Man before going on in the series as Demise in Denim (the next book) catches the reader up on what’s happening.

  4. Ok that cover is downright adorable. I like a novella now and again they are perfect for late night.

    1. You will fall in love with this series Kimba, Duffy has such a fun writing voice and I love the Southern atmosphere.

  5. Reacties
    1. There are just a few books in it Anna, you will catch up fast :)