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Sierra Dean - Winter

The second book in the Dog Days series, published February 15, 2014.
Genre: paranormal Young Adult
Cover: nice
Warning: contains spoilers for book 1, Autumn

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Eloise “Lou” Whittaker can’t shake the feeling she’s forgetting something.
After surviving the explosion of the Poisonfoot Library, she struggles to find her footing again, and she’s grateful Archer Wyatt is there to make sure she’s all right. But Archer seems to be around an awful lot and Lou has trouble controlling herself when she’s with him. She should be thrilled the most popular guy in school wants to be with her, but still, there’s that nagging feeling…
Cooper Reynolds knows he ought to let Lou go. He was putting her at risk by letting her in the first time, and now that she’s a blank slate he should just let her go on blissfully unaware of his curse. But she’s given him a taste of something dangerous… hope.
Can Cooper and an unlikely ally help Lou break free from the spell she’s under?
And can they do it before a new force threatens to destroy the whole town?

Autumn ended with an evil cliffhanger, and Winter took up right where Autumn ended, so you really you have to read them in order. It also has a cliffhanger, though not as nasty as the first book.

Autumn ended with a big explosion of the library, and Lou losing her memory of Cooper completely. Nothing else, just Cooper. At first Cooper thinks it is for the best, now she wont grieve for him when his curse hits him, but he misses her more than he thought possible. Finally having a friend, someone who talks to him, who likes him, and who has given him hope they will find a way out of this. All the adults seem to be happy that Lou has forgotten him, even his own mother.
But Lou can’t shake the feeling she is forgetting something important, and when her father’s ghost haunts her in the mirror again, she still doesn’t know what she is supposed to be doing. But when she finally is allowed to go to school again, she meets Cooper again, and is surprised that she has forgotten such a cute boy. And he seems to know more about her than she has ever shared before. Something is just not right.

Cooper is investigating the past on his own now trying to find out what happened to start the curse. But he needs to get Lou her memory back, and gets help from his sister Mia’s boyfriend Max. And it works! But Archer feels that his magic is not strong enough to keep Lou under his spell and accepting him as her new boyfriend. And so he calls for help, to his big brother. After all, he dealt with Cooper’s brother very well before …

I loved this story! It is amazing, and original, and I loved how Lou fell for Cooper again, even though Archer was trying to influence her so much. It was hard to miss that much of her memory, but how it all came back was a great scene. I would like to know why Cooper’s mother does not want them together though, especially as her son has so little time left to enjoy his life. And I do wish Cooper would quit the football team where no one appreciates him. And I think it is time for Lou’s grandmother to tell what she knows about the curse. Archer’s family is way more involved than they let on to, and I just know they are the evil ones. Still, Sierra Dean has a knack of twisting a plot and a theory into something completely different and unforeseen. Which I love of course.

I like the interaction between Lou and her best friend Marnie, who really wants to see Lou in Archer’s arms. She is kind of brainless, but also really a sweetheart.
It was also fun to see Cooper reacting to working magic with his new friend, so sceptic, like the curse he is under is not magic too. And I loved how Max’s mother treated Cooper, so unlike his own mother, who is the local sheriff and working all the time.

I can’t wait to read the next book. If you do like paranormal Young Adult, without the angst and not really a love triangle (Lou knows who she wants!), go for this series, you won’t be sorry. Promise. I know this is a self published series, but it is good, and well edited. No irritating typo’s and mistakes and such.

9,5 stars.

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  1. I am going to put it on my wishlist! It sounds like a YA that won't get on my nerves.

  2. I LOVE Sierra Dean's Secret McQueen series! I'm not a big Young Adult reader, but if there's anyone who can convince me that this genre isn't all about love triangles, it's her. Great review!

  3. Ugh... cliffies! At least it is good and I'm so glad it is without the unnecessary angst. Might have to try these!

  4. I'm so impatient to read this one it sounds so good and I'm curious to see how Lou will deal with Archer and Cooper.

  5. I'm so glad that you liked the second book in this series. I hate when a series starts off strong and then goes downhill. After you review of Autumn, I went to Amazon to buy it, and found that I already had, lol. So now it's on my Kindle and in my Next Up group!