maandag 28 juni 2010

Laurell K. Hamilton - Nightseer

This was her debut roman, and I had no idea what to expect. But as Laurell K. Hamilton is one of my most favourite authors, I just had to keep on reading, even when I suspected it could become creepy.

It is a stand alone, but appears like you are plunged halfway into a series, lots of events that have already happened are hinted at.


Young Keleios has a dream of her mother being killed by the evil witch Harque, and the dream unfortunately is realized. Her prophetic powers are discovered, and Keleios is sent to wizardry training on the isle of Astrantha, where she is destined to exact revenge by stalking the dreaded witch.

It is difficult of writing a review of this book. It enchanted me, and I really want to read more about this world, and especially of Keleios. Will she kill the traitors who are responsible for the death of so many friends, the fall of the Keep where she is in training as a sorceress? What will happen with the man she was forced to accept as her consort, will they indeed have children? A book that is the middle of a long epos, and I need to know more. Hard to tell, I have no possibility to embroider on the back ground of Keleios or any of her friends, or her enemies for that matter. It is very fast paced, with lots of battle, with enchanted weapons and with magic. Witches and demons, devils and elves. Magic, good and bad.
But even thrown in the midst of a story, it is a great book. Yes I want to know and read more, but still the story was easy to follow. No elaborate catching up, just action. Sometimes it was a miss not knowing more, sometimes not.

So, just read it for your self and judge the book. Not by its cover, mine is much prettier. Keleios doesn’t wear dresses for instance, but armor. Leather or chainmail.

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