donderdag 1 juli 2010

New books for july 2010

I have got another nice list of new books for this month. The weather is hot here in Holland, and the books will make it even hotter!

Let's see how many of those will actually be read this month!
Christine Feehan - Water Bound – Drake sisters 08
Nalini Singh – Bonds of justice
Marjorie M. Liu - A wild light – Hunter Kiss 03
Stephanie Laurens – The brazen bride
Kathryne Kennedy – The fire lord’s lover
Alexis Morgan - Dark Warrior Untamed
Jennifer Ashley – Lady Isabella’s scandalous marriage
Annette Blair – Death by Diamonds

From my lovely June list I have only read 1! I have some serious catchting up to do with my stacks of books! But of course, that will mean staying home more, and that is not something I would rather do. Yesterday, I had a lovely spur of the moment outing with my boyfriend: we went to the Ocean to cool down. Wandering along the beach, hand in hand, and then a nice dinner, it really was a perfect evening. And I wasn't even supposed to meet him yesterday! Those are the good things in life! Thanks my love, for a glorious evening.

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