vrijdag 10 december 2010

J.D. Robb – Midnight in Death

The eighth book in the In Death series, published in 1998 in the anthology Silent Night, but also published as a novella (which I have).

Midnight in Death

Eve’s name has made a Christmas list, but it’s not for being naughty or nice. It’s for putting a serial killer behind bars. Now the escaped madman has her in his sights. With her husband, Roarke, at her side, Eve must stop the man from exacting his bloody vengeance – or die trying…

This is only a thin novella, but a very suspenseful story. An evicted murderer Eve has put away three years ago, is on the loose again. And he is going after all the people who put him in a cage. The judge is his first victim, tortured and strangulated to death, then left naked in a public spot in New York. Arrogant as he is, he leaves a list with his next victims on it. An Eve’s name is last on that list. As he dumped his first, he already is working on his second victim. And the guards Eve puts on the next ones, are no good at all. This murderer may be mad and evil, but he is no fool. And his good looks will get him cooperation anywhere.
Eve knows who the killer is, how he works, who his victims are, but she still cannot stop him as she cannot find him. Even with the help of Roarke, Peabody, Feeney and McNab, she still cannot prevent the killer for going after someone dear to her.
But in the end, she figures him out again, and then the battle will be between the two of them, as they both knew was the killer’s goal all along.

A good story, told just after the horrible last case. Eve hasn’t had time to recover from it, neither has Peabody. But they will do their job, just because that is who they are.

7 stars.

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