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Jenna McKnight – Love in the fast lane

A stand alone novel, published in 2007.

Love in the fast lane

Scott Templeton lives for the adrenaline rush, but when the ghost of a legendary race car driver suddenly appears in the passenger seat next to him, it sends Scott literally into a tailspin. Now he can't convince the guy to head toward the light and stop haunting him, not until Scott promises to make a special delivery.

Maggie Cooper has a five-year plan that involves making executive VP with a corner office and a salary that will cause a grown man to weep. What it doesn't involve is a high-speed hotshot who claims her dead father sent him. She doesn't care how charming Scott is, or how he seems to devour her with his eyes, or even how her shotgun-toting grandmother is playing matchmaker. Maggie is determined to resist, but Scott is just as determined to convince her that loving him is worth the risk.

I was in the mood for a fun book, and this one was great to lift my spirits. I was so upset with the previous one, and the one I tried after that one (and will probably never finish).

Scott Templeton is a race car driver, dreaming of winning his next Rolex. Then suddenly someone appears in the seat next to his, making him crash into the wall. He has just bought a classic race car engine, and the ghost claims it is his, and he wants Scott to deliver it at his mother’s house. Stuck with a broken leg and a broken wrist, Scott has no way to get rid of this irritating ghost, till he agrees. His boss, his colleagues and friends, even his brother, drop him as a stone when he keeps talking about being haunted by a ghost none of them can see. So after six weeks of torture, he drives all the way to St. Louis to deliver the engine, with pain in his heart. He had plans with this engine. But al last he will be rid of the ghost of Larry Cooper.
Larry’s mother is not so surprised to see Scotty, Larry seems to have a habit of haunting people to bring his mother stuff. Collectibles he calls it. Two enormous barns full of junk, for the most of it. Then Cooper gets it in his head to have Scotty stay and find his old ‘Cuda, and put the engine back in it. That will raise enough money to send his youngest daughter into college, his oldest daughter her own firm, and his mother in a nice retirement apartment. Not that his mother wants that, or his daughters. But when Cooper gets something in his head, it stays there, no arguing about it.
Maggie, his oldest daughter, doesn’t trust Scotty. Of course she knows he is a pretty famous race car driver, but her grandmother has no business inviting him in, and even less in inviting him to stay over. He can sleep in his truck for all she cares! Now she is going to miss her important job interview in Chicago, where her boyfriend is waiting for her. No way is she leaving her grandmother alone with this handsome man, even though he is wearing a cast on his leg.

Scotty is like putty in the hands of this granny, who reminds him so much of his own, who raised him. Grammy wants Scotty to ask Cooper some questions, as she feels guilty of his death, twenty years ago. But Cooper doesn’t want to answer them, he is afraid when he does, he will finally go on, and he wants to see his car restored first. Cooper also wants Scotty away from Maggie, but as it irritates Cooper, he seeks her out as much as he can. Which is not a hardship as he is attracted to her at first sight. And when her boyfriend turns out to be a controlling jerk, he will do anything to get her for himself. Yes, for the first time Scotty is thinking about settling down.

I really liked this book, both Scotty and Maggie are great characters who really come to life. Maggie is not easily swayed, but Scotty is persistent, and in the end she does fall for him. And when she finally figures out what Kevin has been doing to her the last years, she certainly puts him in his place.
Of course a lot of fun stuff happens in this book, which I am not going to tell. Just read it for yourself and enjoy the ride.

8,5 stars

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