woensdag 11 april 2012

2 year Blogoversary today!


Today, 2 years ago, I started my blog. I am very happy to have my loyal followers and people who comment on my blog. Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, and leave me a comment. I am happy with all of them.

It is fun being part of the blogworld, have an author react on a review, and even some asking me to read and review their book. In this year I also discovered Twitter, and I love talking to some of my favourite authors, or just see them Tweet to their friends and followers. And there are ofcourse Twitter contests, which I sometimes win. I so do love bookswag.
It is also great to talk to other bookbloggers and bookreaders. Sharing the love, discovering new books and new authors.
I have been googling for some pictures to go with this post, and it was fun to see so many blogoversary pictures from blogs I know.

In this year I have read 228 books, and reviewed about 200 of them (I don’t usually review re-reads if they are on here already).


A blogoversary needs to be celebrated of course! So, what do I have for my loyal followers / commenters?

First prize: 2 books of choice from the Bookdepository. If you win, and you live somewhere the Bookdepository ships, you get to choose two books of all the books I have read in this blog year. But, if I have reviewed a book in a series, and you want the first book, that is also possible. And if that book is still available at the Bookdepository. Paperbacks only.

Second prize: the book Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson. I had this one pre-ordered for months now, but I won a signed copy of it : ) So you will receive a brand new book, but I will ship it to you directly.

Third prize: some lovely swag.

What do you have to do to win? Easy, just leave me a comment. And your email address so I can email you if you have won.

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  1. Congratulations with your 2 year Blogoversary, Aurian! What a great accomplishment. We have a similar taste in books, so you often cause me to add books to my wish-list! :) Keep up the good work!

    Great giveaway too!

  2. Happy Blogversary

    :::passing the cake:::::

    ::::passing the ice cream:::::

    *breaking out balloons*
    *breaking out streamers*

    It's a party in here! Now sing!

  3. Congratulations! You're still miles ahead of me in reading and blogging about books!
    I'll try to follow your example and be more dilligent in reading and blogging!
    (Won't be tweeting anytime soon, though ;-) )


  4. Happy Blogoversary Aurian! Two years already, woohoo! I am looking forward to see you again in Berlin and do some more booktalk!


  5. Congratz, Aurian! *sips on some bubblies* I'm so glad to hear you love the blog community and found your niche in it! Time does fly when tou're having fun!!

  6. CONGRATS!!!!
    You are that old already? ;)

    Here is to many more blogging years
    *gives yummy cake and pressies*

    booksforlife01 (at gmail dot com)

  7. Happy Blogoversary, sweetie! That's a lot of book reading in the last two years. Here's to many more.


    VWinship at aol dot com

  8. WOW! You've read 228 books in a year?! That is amazing!!

    Happy Blogoversary, dear!! I'm very happy to know you. And thanks so much for the giveaway. It's very generous of you.

    missie at theunreadreader.com

  9. Thank you ladies! I will literally write all your names down on Sunday, throw them in a hat, and have my boyfriend pick three. And with 9 responses, you now have a chance of 1 to 3 :)