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Gini Koch – Alien Diplomacy

The fifth book in the Katherine "Kitty" Katt series, published April 3, 2012.
Genre: sci-fi romance / alien romance.

Alien Diplomacy

Being newlyweds and new parents is challenging enough. But nothing’s ever easy for Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini, particularly not when they have to switch from super-being exterminators and Commanders in Centaurion Division to mastering the political landscape as the new heads of Centaurion's Diplomatic Corps. Kitty’s brand of diplomacy and lobbying isn’t quite as smooth as Jeff’s – Washington parties, lobbyists of all stripes, and politicians from all states and countries presents challenges a well-stocked Ipod and quirky sense of humor aren’t always up to handling. But when a shadowy assassination plot and a new set of anti-alien conspirators are identified, Kitty’s the diplomat for the job – in between “Mommy and me”. “Diplomacy for Beginners” and the dreaded “Washington Wife” classes.
As explosions, assassination attempts, and murders pile up, the question shifts from “who’s the target” to “will we all survive to see next week”?
Armed with only their wits, and dressed to kill, it’s up to Kitty and the Diplomatic Corps to stop the bad guys from unleashing mayhem on all the world’s leaders. But will Kitty trust the right people, at the right times, or will going her own way prove deadly – not just to her, but to her daughter, Jamie?

Kitty is totally miserable living in Washington. She is homesick for her own desert state and the beauty of it. She hates her “Washington Wife”-class, the teacher and most of her classmates, and she is really not cut out to be a diplomat. But she has no choice, and Jeff is actually pretty good at all of it, especially the paperwork. She really misses all the action, and the ass-kicking and her friends. Of course there are still her hot husband and her beloved babygirl, and the rest of the family, but still.
Finally there is a nice surprise from Jeff for her. She has not liked any of the chauffeurs assigned to her so far, so he has arranged for Len and Kyle to be her new bodyguards/chauffeurs. She is very happy with that! Finally men she knows and can trust, and they share her love for the same music! Then, coming back from her “Mommy and Me”-class with Jamie, she gets intercepted by Mister Joel Oliver (MJO), the paparazzo who has been stalking and exposing them for years now. But this time he is not after making pictures of her, he wants to warn her. The President’s ball is in a few days, and they all will have to attend, but something big is going to happen. Big and bad. All his many sources have reported it, but he still doesn’t know who the target is going to be.
And that is the last of the quiet time in the book. Their limo is blown up, almost with them in it, if it wasn’t for Kitty’s paranoia. How come their car is the only one parked there? So they walk away from it again, but only MJO’s quick actions keep them all safe and unharmed. Then some suspicious looking taxi’s keep trying to pick them up, if they want to or not, and they have to run again. And no police is coming either. Because half the force has been fired, due to the machinations of a private security firm who is now supposed to take care of protecting the civilians.
To keep out of sight, Kitty decides to go shopping for a dress for the President’s ball, taking her bodyguards, baby and Mister Joel Oliver with her. She desperately misses Reader and his advice, because the other man can say nothing else but: it looks nice.
When she is finally picked up again by a new limo send by her husband Jeff, she gets a second surprise. Inside it is Pierre! The one who saved her wedding day. And he will certainly take care of everything for her, her dress, her hair, her shoes and accessories. Going home to the Embassy is also not an easy thing. Roadblocks and construction are everywhere, and suddenly, they are surrounded by other limos and under fire. They can activate the laser shield just in time, but the other limo with their security is not so lucky.

Lots and lots of action follows, and they try to find out who is behind this new murder plot, and who has send the other assassins, still not knowing who the real target(s) will be. Of course there is some time for Jeff and Kitty to be together, but not much.

Then there is a second plotline, where Caroline is in danger at the airport. Caroline and Kitty are sorority sisters, and close friends. Caroline is also the aide to a Senator, who is trying to find the truth what is happening in Paraguay, which is a huge plotline through the books, and which will be answered partly in here.

I really did like that Jeff is learning to control his jealousy, and he and Chuckie seem to have come to an understanding. I am still rooting for Chuckie to find his own love though. He is my favourite secondary character. I really like meeting all the previous characters in this series again and again, even though they have new jobs as well, and have less time to “hang”.

Of course the Poofs play a part in this book as well, though not as much as I would have hoped. Sometimes I though: call the Poofs, and you will be safe, but Kitty never seemed to think about that, until almost to the end of the book.

And sometimes I did think Kitty a bit naïve, if there were so many bugs planted in her purse, why did she not keep checking for them, everytime she was being held or touched by one of her “classmates”.

There were new friends in here, unsuspected allies, and friends who were really enemies and assassins. This makes if very difficult for Kitty to decide who to trust, and who not.

So, conclusion, as usual an action filled book, with lots of twists and turns and multiple complots running through it. Still the personal lives of the main characters keep developing as well, with some new babies being born, and with little Jamie showing her powers. It is impossible to skim-read this book, as you would miss upon some important details.

A really great series, one I enjoy reading a lot. And I can totally recommend it to any romance lover out there.

I have one question though, that keeps bugging me: how did MJO know to push the button on the stroller? So, I asked Gini on Twitter, and her answer: It's marked. Clearly. And he IS the best investigative reporter in the country. :-D

9,5 stars.

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  1. I like series that include a bigger storyline which enables readers to follow couples through time. I will have to give Gini a try! :)

  2. LOL! You asked that? Clever, it did not even hit me. I am such a bad reader

  3. I need to read this series! I know I have already said it but I swear you guys all love it. That is all I need is another back to back series read LOL

  4. @Mirjam - The series is really funny too, and totally filled with action. Not really havy on the sci-fi.
    @Blodeuedd - Yes, it really bothered me, I was: What? How can he know about that!
    @Felicia: I don't advise them for your next read-a-thon, as they are fairly thick books. You won't score very high then. But reading them back to back is fun.

  5. Great review!
    I'm addicted to this series and have read all books at least 2 times now (You don't want to know how many times I actually read some of them *whistles innocently*)
    I'm already looking forward to the next book in this series