vrijdag 6 april 2012

New additions to my addiction

Finally, after two weeks of no new books, I got 2 today. But not the ones I am really really waiting for, the JR Ward or the Gini Koch book. And the bad news is, one of the two is a misbuy. Stupid of me to buy it.

The thing is, I have a list of authors I want to read everything buy, and are on autobuy. Once every few months, I search for all those authors on fantasticfiction.co.uk, to see if they have written a new book I need to have. And then I put those on my calendar, and every few months I pre-order all those books on Bookdepository.co.uk. So, I saw a new book by Jayne Ann Krentz, an anthology. I was happy, and bought it immediately. And now the book has arrived, and it contains the story: The Cowboy. I already have that one in another anthology. I really hate when that happens! I am not all that interested in cowboy books lately. The other stories are written by Lindsay KcKenna and B.J. Daniels.

So, how about you? Do you buy books by mistake? Double books no matter how careful you try to be?

The other book I received is Afterglow by Cherry Adair, which is romantic suspense.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I bought 3 books this week by mistake (well not for me but my mom). She sent me a list and wasn't really clear. I ended up buying the right ones but now I have 3 books that will either get read or go on that forever TBR shelf LOL

  2. Occasionally when I am browsing somewhere I came across a book, buy it and then discover it's one I already have. Not often though.

    I have a pretty good haul myself today. Just received 5 books from the postman! :)

  3. I usually double and triple check so until now I haven't bought a book by mistake and I truly hope so I won't in the future :) But I also have authors on an autobuy list. Jeaniene Frost would be the first among them!

  4. @Felicia: Lol, so glad I am not the only one with books that will probably never be read.
    @Mirjam: You just can't take an up to date booklist with you everywhere you go. Would be handy though.
    @Anna: Hope for you, your record stays clean. I even have trouble getting rid of double books.

  5. I can't say it has happened to me ;) But then I seldom buy books cos I just can't spend money, it's a curse