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Jayne Ann Krentz – The Private Eye

A book in the Rebels & Rogues series, published December 2, 1991.
Genre: contemporary romance with a dash of suspense.
I have the Mira edition from 1992, and I do prefer that cover.

The Private Eye

Josh swore never to play the hero again.
Josh January – a burned-out beat-up rogue of a private eye, whose last case had nearly killed him.
Maggie Gladstone – vibrant and sexy, she’d read too many detective novels – and wanted badly to believe in heroes.
Josh agreed to investigate the strange goings-on at Maggie’s charming bed and breakfast. The case would be easy – no heroics necessary. Josh could concentrate on important things like rest, recovery – and seducing tawny-haired Maggie.
He was dead wrong – about the case and about Maggie. If Josh didn’t start playing the hero soon, he’d pay a very high price.

For my bath book I pick my older books, not the brand new ones from the Bookdepository, as I am kind of accident prone. Books have been drowned before. In the mood for something light, I picked this old one, and I really enjoyed it, reading a chapter at a time. Until I got to that certain point I just wanted to finish it.
As for the mystery, that was very easy to find out, and I was right. But the romance part is the fun part. How they fall for each other, how Josh pursues Maggie and haven’t got a clue that he only has to say those three words to make her say yes. For some things, words are more important than actions.
The three residents of the B&B are great secondary characters, a retired army Colonel and two ladies. They all have their opinions on who is behind the sabotage at the manor, and why. And Josh will have to tell them gently that they are wrong, and no one is interested in them, their non existent money or their past.

A short book, a short review. I liked this book, and as usual Jayne Ann Krentz did manage to surprise me a few times with the actions of the characters. When I thought: this is standard, now this will happen, I was wrong. And I so like that in a book. Yes, this one is 20 years old. But sweet romances like this one are kind of timeless and will stay readable for many years to come.

8 stars.

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  1. This sounds like a fun book! I am the same way about bathtub books--they need to be accident proofed or something I don't mind losing :)

  2. I would be with you guys about bath books, but I have a shower. Kinda hard to read there. LOL

    Hm... I need to read this one.

  3. I am confused...the wrong cover? Hamilton's book

  4. Thanks Blodeuedd, I changed it. That is what happens when writing multiple reviews in one day.

  5. Cover looks and story sounds familiar. I'm sure I have read this one. Glad you enjoyed it again!