dinsdag 26 juni 2012

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

It has been a while since I posted my new additions post, which means I have been reading lots of good books and had enough reviews to post daily. This also means, this post has become a nice long list of books I have received in the last two weeks:

From the Bookdepository:
- J.K. Beck – When Passion Lies.
- Jude Deveraux – Heartwishes
- Jean Johnson – The Mage
- Maggie Sefton – Unraveled
- Alix Rickloff – Heir of Danger
- Alix Rickloff – Dangerous as Sin
- Alix Rickloff – Lord of Shadows

Received for Review:
- Susannah Sandlin – Redemption

- Joanne Kennedy – Cowboy Crazy

Bought secondhand:
- Debbie Macomber – Navy Blues
- Kerrelyn Sparks – The Vampire and the Virgin
- Kerrelyn Sparks – Forbidden Nights with a Vampire
- Kerrelyn Sparks – Vampire Mine
- Kerrelyn Sparks – Sexiest Vampire Alive
- Kerrelyn Sparks – Eat Prey Love
- Jean Johnson – Finding Destiny
- Jean Johnson – Bedtime Stories
- Jean Johnson – Shifting plains
- Tina St John – Black Lion’s Bride
- Tina St John – Lord of Vengeance
- Tina St John – White Lion’s Lady
- Tina St John – Lady of Valor
- Judi Mc Coy – I dream of you
- Barbara Bretton – Tomorrrow and always

I also got a nice package from A Buckeye Girl reads. Some awesome Gini Koch swag that I won on her blog recently, and just because she is nice, an ARC of:
- Kiss of the Vampire by Cynthia Garner.
Very cool! Thanks again Colette.

And that is not all, I received some nice swag from Vickie Dreiling, an historical romance author.

Telll me, am I the only one who loves refrigerator magnets as book swag? My fridge is getting filled up nicely  Lol, and if you have no idea what to do with the swag you have got, you can always mail it to me and I will be very happy with it ;) And perhaps share it with my best friend if she makes me another of those chili con carne dishes she is so good at ;)

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  1. Reacties
    1. Lol, I really need to read faster or stop blogging altogether ;)

  2. Alert, shelf overload! I enjoyed the trilogy I have by Tina St. John, but I don't remember the titles. Unraveled was great as usual. Happy reading, Aurian!

    1. I am going to relax with Unraveled this weekend, I want uninterrupted reading time to enjoy it in one day :)

  3. Oh you will be busy! I enjoy fridge magnets as well !

    1. I have some from erotic books I am not displaying, could send them your way if you want them :)

  4. Nice stash!
    And you're always welcome to trade swag for chili con carne. It will taste better than the meatpie I made you last week!

  5. I LOVE magnets :D love love love them