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Allyson James – The Dragon Master

The third book in the Dragon series published November 4, 2008.
Genre: paranormal romance.

The Dragon Master

Carol Juan never really believed in her grandmother’s old-world tales of dragons and legends… until she was set upon by a wildly sensual man sporting a blazing red mane – and nothing else. He is Seth, a fire dragon summoned into this world by a dangerous mage who is seeking to ignite his own evil ends by devouring Seth’s fiery powers. What the fire dragon seeks is a life mate, a human female who can help him to explore the pleasures of the flesh.
Seth inflames more in Carol than the untapped magic surging inside her – and only she can save him from the mysterious mage who is guarded by an equally sinister cabal. Arousing Carol’s latent Dragon Master powers is only the beginning. Now she must risk her own life to save the fire dragon lost in her world – the man she has come to love and desire.

Carol Juan did not believe her best friend Lisa was a silver dragon, and her boyfriend Caleb a golden dragon. She is working hard to turn her grandmothers small dim sum restaurant in a successful chain of restaurants in San Francisco, and now she is trying to convince her grandmother to modernize the original one. But Ming Ue is stubborn, and does not want to change anything. She knows that Carol has worked hard to make them all rich and prosperous, but she will not be told what to do.
When Carol goes outside to return home, she is accosted by a naked red-haired man! He claims to be a fire dragon, and that she summoned him. But Carol did no such thing, how could she? Dragons don’t exist, and she has no magic! But that has changed this very evening. Another dragon master, a prisoner of the Order of the Black Lotus, has called Seth from the Dragonreaches. And when her until now dormant power sensed that, Carol’s power took over, making Seth appear near the restaurant. Seth is furious, he will not be enslaved by a Dragon Master ever again! But when Carol does not claim him, he turns into flames and flies away. But later that night, he appears in Carol’s apartment, frightening her. But they come to an understanding, and Malcolm, the black dragon, will teach him the ways of the world. After all, it has been more than a thousand years since last he was summoned here. And back then he was able to keep his Dragon shape, and not pressured into a human male’s body.
When the Black Lotus finds out that Carol has gained the powers of a Dragon Master, she is not safe from them and the demons who work for them, but Seth will protect her. And an old friend of her grandmother will teach her what it means to be a Dragon Master, to hold their names in her mind and in her power, and make them do her bidding. But her most dangerous power, is the ability to take a fire dragon’s fire into herself …

A lot happens in this book, and I don’t want to spoil the whole story, about what happened in the ancient past, and how it pertains to the present. I liked how Carol coped with her new powers, and how she does not want to give up the life she has build for herself. But she now beliefs in dragons, she has no choice, and she will fight for the good. She does not want to enslave dragons, and will do what she can to set her fire dragon free.
Set is more a dragon than Caleb or Malcolm were, after all, they spend a lot of time on earth, living among humans. Seth is enslaved in a very different way than the witches who controlled Caleb or Malcolm, and he wants to be free. But well, a dragon can get used to being touched and petted, and mating with a human female sure is pleasurable. When given the choice instead of an order, he will help Carol and the other dragons fight. Even if it means sacrificing himself. Yes, I cried.

As always, Allyson James (aka Jennifer Ashley) has written a great tale with dragons. I love her writing style, her sense of humor. The story is action filled, but there is also room for emotions and some very hot love scenes. And I always like catching up with the previous couples in the series. Imagine, having a little baby who can turn into a little dragon! It just adds that bit of fun to the story, breaking the tension. Axel also has a big part in this book, and I would like to read more about him. The best thing yet? Allyson James hinted on Twitter that this might not be the last book …

9 stars.

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