woensdag 11 juli 2012

New addtions to my addiction

Stapel boeken
I am receiving lots of email from the Bookdepository lately, but so far, the mailperson does not make me very happy.

I’ve only received one book in a whole week! And that makes me just itch to hit the buybutton again, just to keep the books coming.

- Alix Rickloff – Earl of Darkness

The first week of July starts off better, I received from Bookdepository:
- Lynn Viehl – Dead of night
- Kasey MacKenzie – Blackhearted Betrayal
- Catherine Coulter – Split Second (read this one as ebook last year)

I have also gotten Christine Feehan – Samurai Game from my best friend. She is a few books behind in the series so she won’t be reading it any time soon. As she got it monday July 2, and I still have not gotten my copy. Which was shipped on the same day, and we live in the same city. When my copy arrives, she will get that one back.

Books I have won:
- Marlene Perez – Dead is a battle field. Signed and dedicated.

Books I have bought secondhand:
- Gayle Callen – Never marry a stranger
- Gayle Callen – Never trust a scoundrel;
- Julie Garwood – Shadow Music
- Julia London – A courtesan’s scandal
- Cathy Maxwell – A seduction at Christmas

Some lovely swag by Jenn LeBlanc.

And this week, still no new books! Which makes me very sad.

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  1. This sounds very familiar! Although my postman kindly delivered 2 books last week and 4 this week. Still, I also received lots of emails from TBD, but the delivery deadline for a lot of them was today, or tomorrow, and I have nothing to show for it. :(

    I loved Shadow Magic by the way. Happy reading!

  2. Oh if you got swag from Jenn I am sure it is lovely indeed! She is so nice and does the best photo shoots!