donderdag 30 augustus 2012

New additions to my addiction

Stapel boeken

But what did I receive since my shopping spree on Marktplaats?

From Bookdepository:
- Katharine Kerr – Love on the Run

Secondhand books:
(for my stepdaughter):
Amanda Hocking - Ascend
Amanda Hocking - Switched
Amanda Hocking - Torn
Amanda Hocking - Wake
L.J. Smith – The night of the solstice
L.J. Smith – Heart of Valor
L.J. Smith – The Forbidden Game, omnibus with: The Hunter; The Chase; The Kill
L.J. Smith – Dark Visions, omnibus with The Strange Power; The possessed; The passion.

(for me):
Karen Chance – Midnight’s Daughter
Jeri Smith-Ready – Wicked Game
Caitlin Kittredge – Night Life
Caitlin Kittredge - Pure Blood
Caitlin Kittredge - Second Skin
Jenna Black – The Devil you know
Jenna Black - The devil inside
Jenna Black - The devil’s due
C.E. Murphy – Hands of flame
C.E. Murphy – House of Cards
C.E. Murphy – Heart of Stone
Sherrilyn Kenyon - Invincible
Sherrilyn Kenyon - Infamous
Sherrilyn Kenyon - Infinity
Amanda Ashley – Bound by blood
Amanda Ashley – Everlasting desire
Mary Balogh - The devil's web
Jenna Black - Watchers In The Night
Elizabeth Boyle – Lord Langley is back in Town
Elizabeth Boyle – Mad about the duke
Caroline Burnes – Thrice Familiar
Caroline Burnes – Familiar escape
Caroline Burnes – Familiar lullaby
Caroline Burnes – Familiar Christmas
Caroline Burnes – Familiar Texas
Caroline Burnes – Familiar vows
Liz Carlyle – Wicked all day
Pamela Clare – Carnal Gift
Nicole Cornick – The scandals of an innocent
Lydia Dare – It happened one bite
Meredith Duran - Wicked becomes you
Gaelen Foley - Her only desire
Cindy Gerard –With no remorse
Laura Lee Guhrke – Trouble at the wedding
Laura Lee Guhrke – Scandal of the year
Rita Herron - Dark Hunger
Tamara Hogan – Taste me
Madeline Hunter – Dangerous in diamonds
Jessica Inclan - Believe In Me
Alexandra Ivy – Darkness unleashed
Sherrilyn Kenyon & Diana Love – Silent Truth
Sherrilyn Kenyon & Diana Love – Phantom in the night
Sherrilyn Kenyon ea – Deadly Promises
Lynn Kurland – One magic moment
Rosemary Laurey - Kiss Me Forever…Love Me Forever
Katie MacAlister – Cupid cats
Julianne MacLean – Captured by the highlander
Julia London - One Season Of Sunshine
Laurie London - Bonded by blood
Erin McCarthy – the chase
Erin McCarthy – Hot finish
Pati Nagle - The Betrayal
Sophia Nash - Secrets of a scandalous bride
Linda Needham - A scandal to remember
Pamela Palmer – Rapture untamed
Julia Quinn – A night like this
Paula Quinn – Seduced by a highlander
Kimberly Raye - Dead End Dating
Nora Roberts – Chasing fire
Patricia Simpson - The Dark Lord
Kathryn Smith - When Seducing a Duke
Kathryn Smith - Night Of The Huntress
Sheridon Smythe – Mr Complete
Dawn Thompson - The falcon’s bride
Shiloh Walker – If you hear her
Shiloh Walker – If you know her
Shiloh Walker – If you see her

And the package I was most looking forward to:
Nancy Holzner – Bloodstone
Nancy Holzner – Deadtown
Nancy Holzner – Hellforged
Dakota Banks - Dark Time
Dakota Banks - Sacrifice
Faith Hunter - Bloodring
Faith Hunter - Host
Faith Hunter - Seraphs
Kelly Gay - The darkest edge of Dawn
Kelly Gay - The hour of Dust and Ashes
D.D. Barant - Better off Undead
D.D. Barant - Death blows
D.D. Barant - Dying bites
D.D. Barant - Killing Rocks
Christina Henry - Black Wings
Nicole Peeler - Edge of the Tempest
Nicole Peeler - Tempest Rising
Nicole Peeler - Tracking the Tempest
Nicole Peeler - Tempest’s Legacy
Gabriella Poole - Blood Ties
Gabriella Poole - Divided Souls
Gabriella Poole - Secret Lives
Rachel Vincent - Alpha
Rachel Vincent - Prey
Rachel Vincent - Pride
Rachel Vincent - Rogue
Rachel Vincent - Shift
Rachel Vincent - Stray
Heather Hillough-Walden - Avenger’s Angel

Books I have won:
- Laura Kaye – West of Want.

A gift from Sullivan McPig:
Marie Lu - Legend

I do have one problem now though; I really need to re-arrange my shelves again. Lucky for me, my best friend is very willing to come help me do that. As I am afraid of heights, and standing on a ladder, she will do the climbing. Yes, I know, I cannot reach the two topmost shelves by my self… so the books I am least likely to read will end up there.
How much shelf space do I have for my TBR you ask? Well, imagine floor to ceiling shelves, the ceiling is almost three meters high, I have 7 shelves of two meters long, and 40 cm wide. Which means, I can stack my books in four rows. I once measured it, in the beginning when they were empty, it can hold 500 books a shelf… Paperback books, that is.
The books I have read, are going to my spare bedroom upstairs, where there are 5 bookcases, a bit overflowing also. The cozy mysteries are kept in my bedroom bookcases, and my Dutch books are in the attic.

© 2012 Reviews by Aurian

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  1. Question? Did you leave anything in the store? :) :)

  2. Oh nice! I especially like the Nicole Peeler ones. I want that whole series. :)

    1. Hi Melissa, there are so many new series I had on my wishlist for quite a while, I really don't know where to start reading!

  3. In dutch "Jemig de pemig wat een boeken" (my God, that's a lot of books).
    Have fun with it!
    Yes, we'll be re-aranging your shelves. I love to handle books!

    1. Told you I went on a shopping spree Maia ;) and your help is very much welcome.

  4. Wow! That is an impressive list. I never manage to find secondhand books online that (shipping included) are cheaper than new ones from bookdepo. What is your secret?

    1. My secret? Buying lots of books in one go, so the shipping rate per book is just a few dimes. I do check on Bookdepo first, but the prices have gone up a lot lately. So secondhand buying is profitable again.

  5. That is an AWESOME list of books! I saw some that are on my shelves or have read in the past or are on the WWBL.

    1. Hi Vickie :) Yes I am very happy with all of them :) I like that most of them are brand new looking.

  6. Oh goodness!! there are many great authors here I want to get to one day. Hope you enjoy every one when you get there.

    1. Hi Melissa 2 :) I am looking forward to read them all, and it will take many months.

  7. Reacties
    1. Hi Sabrina, what can I say, I was on a shopping spree, and there was a lot for sale that I liked :)

  8. Reacties
    1. Lol, you are welcome to come over and browse Blodeuedd.

  9. wow, ok it's christmas lol. Really impressive, how will you do? lol

  10. WOW!!! That is a lot of book. Glad you friend is willing to come over to help. If I lived closer, I would too! LOL