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Lori Wilde – The first love cookie club

The third book in the Twilight, Texas series, published October 26, 2010.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: Christmassy

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"On Christmas Eve, if you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny."
The townsfolk of Twilight, Texas, believe the legend, but not Sarah Collier - not since she was a pudgy teenager, running down the church aisle on Christmas Day in a jingle bell sweater and reindeer antlers, trying to stop Travis Walker from marrying someone else. She may be grown-up, slimmed-down, bestselling children's book author "Sadie Cool" now, but Sarah will never forget that day. And she'll never fall foolishly in love again!
But when a letter from a sick fan brings Sarah back to Twilight, she's shocked to discover that Travis is the little girl's father - unattached and hotter than ever. His smile still makes her melt, but Sarah knows that ship has sailed. Travis, however, might have different ideas.

My first Lori Wilde book, and although I enjoyed it, I sure have some issues with it as well. I liked Sarah/Sadie, she was shy and hated being out in the public. But her best friend and manager has arranged for her to visit her home town at Christmas time, as the request of a very sick little girl. And as she has been trying unsuccessfully to write the sequel to her best selling children’s book for years now, perhaps Twilight will give her the inspiration she needs.
She used to spend her summers with her grandmother in Twilight, as her parents are two very busy heart surgeons, and too busy to spend much time with their only child. But after making a fool over herself over next door bad boy Travis, she never went back. And when her grandmother died, her parents sold the house without asking her opinion.
What she doesn’t know, is that Travis got married as he got a girl pregnant. His daughter has had medical problems since birth, and his wife Crystal could not handle it anymore. So he is now a single dad and the local sheriff, and living in her grandmother’s house.

The ladies of the First Love Cookie Club are the ones who organize all the evens and charity in town, and when they found at that the famous Sadie Cool is their own Sarah Collier (her grandmother was one of their group) they are determined to get her together with Travis at every opportunity. Sarah is reluctant, but his little girl quickly steals her heart. The attraction is still there between them, but dare she risk her heart again?

I enjoyed this book for the most part, but often during emotional or tender scenes, Saran would say something that totally threw me out of the mood, and not once, but often. I really disliked that. I loved Travis. He is a very diligent father, and where his wife left, he gives his daughter his all, even when the cost of her medicine will cost him his house and everything else he owns as the insurance won’t pay for it.
And when his wife wants a second chance, he certainly is not interested. He has fallen for Sarah, and not even for his daughter will he give his wife a second chance. She will only run away again when things get hard.

I liked the legend, the setting of the village at Christmas time and all of the events, and the main characters. But the conversations let something to desire. So I am not in a hurry to read another book in this series, although there are certainly some happenings and characters I would not mind reading more about.

6 stars.

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  1. That's a shame she'd pull you out of the scenes like that.

    1. It was really not a good thing for me, but perhaps someone else doesn't feel that way Anna.