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Recommendations from Freya for August 2015.

In order to bring some more variety to my blog, I have asked some of my bookish friends to tell about the books they have in the past month, and to give us a recommendation. Today’s post is made by Freya from Holland.


Last month I haven’t been reading much of new books. I was too busy playing with all my new books that Aurian brought with her from Berlin. After a gruelling journey through almost 40C weather, travelling for more than eight hours Aurian and het boyfriend Peter brought back about 1300 books (!) to Utrecht.

In several sessions we went through the pile of all those books. I took about 300 of them, Aurian roughly 400. Then these books had to be sorted into my bookshelves (of course!). That took two afternoons. And then I helped to sort Aurian’s, that took two days!!

The 300 books are mostly books of known authors, adding to series, and some new for me authors that looked interesting. There were books by Cherry Adair, Victoria Alexander, Jo Beverley, Suzanne Brockmann, Jennifer Crusie, Lydia Dare, Christina Dodd, Cynthia Eden, Lorraine Heath, Elizabeth Hoyt, Eloisa James, Donna Kauffman, Lora Leigh, Julia London, Susan Mallery, Catherine Mann, Cheyenne McCray, Lynsay Sands, Christina Skye, Sherry Thomas, Diana Whiteside, etc., etc. A lot of them were signed, mostly to the original owner, but still. All those lovely new books!!!!
But the most squee-worthy books were a signed book by JAK writing as Jayne Castle (iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) and an anthology with a J.D. Robb signature (double iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii).

That left us with a pile of something like 700 books to sort through. I took them to my home to organise, sort and make a list. I have a excel sheet with all my books, organised by author, publication year and other information. And my bookshelves are organised by writer, series and printdate. I’m a bit neurotic like that. ;-)
Of the superfluous books I made a list of author, title and if they were an ARC/autographed. We have some friends who will like them. So you can see why I didn’t have much reading time, this month.

Kat photo Kat_zpsoffpsevd.png

I did do some reading. I read The trouble with Valentines by Kelly Hunter, a great book, I devoured it in one evening. Just as I did the latest Jayne Castle book, Siren’s call. I highly recommend both. I also want to recommend the Twelve Kingdoms trilogy by Jeffe Kennedy. I’ve read and enjoyed the first book The Mark of the Tala, I’m currently reading book two Tears of the Rose. It’s a tale of a woman discovering her inner strength with a Beauty and Beast trope added to the mix! The best thing is, I won number three, The Talon of the Hawk, I’ll be reading that one soon!

 photo boekenkast Freya_zpsjsser7gl.png

So now I have more books to read, all sorted and stacked in my bookcase. I have in the region of 2500 books, with only a third read, to enjoy. I love how it looks in my living room!

Freya photo Freya 2_zpseia5fuhr.jpg

Aurian: Thanks for the recommendation Freya! I will try to read some Jeffe Kennedy as well, as our good friend Sullivan McPig is a big fan as well.
And I do hope this was the last time this year we will be shuffling all our books around ;)

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  1. Wow! You both will be very busy. Also love the pics! I wanna room like that! :D

    1. Thanks, you'll need a friendly brother-in-law to build your shelves, a little addicition to buying books to fill them and time. It helps to have a friend with the same addicton :-)

  2. Hi Freya, WOW! That's a lot of books :) I can believe that you didn't had time to read. I love the picture of all your books. I'm sure that you and Aurian are in book heaven right now. Enjoy it :)

  3. nah, Aurian, as long as we will be buying books, I'll have to shuffle them around! But it won't be anytime soon that it's as big as an organisation as this time.