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Hampton Charles - Advantage Miss Seeton

Book 8 in the Miss Seeton series, published June 1, 1990.
Genre: cozy mystery
Cover: bad. I prefer my Dutch cover and even the original English one of the old little lady.

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Miss Seeton's summer outing to a tennis match serves up more than expected when Britain's up-and-coming female tennis star is hounded by death threats.

Nigel Colveden is in love again, and he is thrilled when Wimbledon tennis star Trish Thumper will come and stay with them, as her life is threatened. Her father is a very strict judge, who likes not only to give the most severe of punishments to the criminals in his court, but to lecture them as well. So there are more than enough people in and out of prison, who hate his guts. But now someone is threatening his daughter, and as his only friend is Sir George Colveden, it is an easy decision to send her to Plummergen, Kent, where she can continue her training.
Nigel is happy to drive her to and from the tennis club, while a car filled with policemen follows them.

As it so happens, the man who is threatening Trish's life has allied himself with some other criminals, who make a hobby out of robbing churches from their ancient silver relics. And as the church in Plummergen is one of their targets, and they happen to see young Trish accidentally, her hiding place is no longer a secret. Of course, they don't count on Miss Seeton defending her home town against strangers, when she interrupts their work in progress … and wants to help the chauffeur of a van with engine troubles parked right outside the Hall …or attending a night at the opera with Trish and her family and the Colvedens …

I still don't like the books as much as I liked the first 5. I am also very annoyed with the time line. In some books, Bob Ranger and Anne Knight are already married, and in this one the wedding is still to take place, and what bothers me most, is that the name is changed from Knight to Wright. If you continue someone else's work, get your facts straight please!

So while I did enjoy they story itself, it are the minor things that annoy me, and make me like this book less. But I still enjoy this series enough to keep on reading.

5 stars out of 10.

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